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Espresso Systems is developing layer 1, or base blockchain, infrastructure to deliver fast, low-fee transactions by integrating a proof-of-stake consensus protocol with a zero-knowledge (zk) rollup mechanism that can bundle multiple transactions in a more resource-efficient way.

Seed Round: $32 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
FoundedUnited States

What is Espresso Systems

High costs and limited privacy functionality are pain points for Web3 users today and represent major barriers for the next waves of adoption and innovation. Soaring fees render many of today’s most popular decentralized applications inaccessible for large numbers of would-be consumers. Similarly, the fully transparent nature of most blockchain systems leave their applications unsuitable for any users that harbor sensitivities around their data. At Espresso Systems, we are building the scaling and privacy solutions that will unlock new possibilities for Web3 applications and usher in the next generation of users.

Espresso Systems is developing Espresso: a layer 1 blockchain system that combines proof-of-stake consensus and a ZK-Rollup mechanism to achieve high throughput and low fees. Espresso has also developed Configurable Asset Privacy for Ethereum (CAPE), an application that can run on any EVM blockchain (and will eventually run on Espresso natively). CAPE enables asset creators to offer users customized privacy guarantees.

Use CAPE to create new Ethereum assets and wrap existing tokens to have the privacy properties you require.

  • Configurable privacy
Addresses, asset types, transaction amounts, and credentials can be hidden from the world.
  • Custom policies
Asset creators can define policies and programs around the assets they mint or move over from Ethereum.
  • Shared data
Viewing keys can be customized to reveal any combination of transaction details relating to sender and recipient addresses, input and output amounts, and identity attestations.


Raised: 32,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

Project team

Ben Fisch
Ben Fisch
Ben Fisch linkedin
Charles Lu
Charles Lu
Charles Lu linkedin
Jill Gunter
Jill Gunter
Chief Strategy Officer
Jill Gunter linkedin
Benedikt Bünz
Benedikt Bünz
Chief Scientist
Benedikt Bünz linkedin
Michael Mosier
Michael Mosier
General Counsel
Fernando Krell
Fernando Krell
VP Engineering
Fernando Krell linkedin

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