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Finxflo is a global cryptocurrency brokerage. It aggregates offers from the world’s leading exchanges, thereby granting users access to the best buy and sell prices and the highest margins. Users implement trades on the platform using Finxflo’s native token.

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Project industryTrading & Investing
Product typePlatform

Technical details

We have an aggregation system that allows clients to gain the best global crypto prices. This software sources the best prices and automatically aggregates the best prices for the users. This software and aggregation engine is built from scratch and is fully owned by FXF.

What is Finxflo

Exactly is Finxflo?

  • Exchange
  • Aggregation Engine
  • Consolidated Global
  • Order Book
  • Global best bid and offer accompanied by Finxflo Smart Order Routing means all orders, large or small, get the global best price
  • 1 Account / 1 Wallet / 1 KYC provides access to multiple exchanges, without any need to open multiple accounts


Finxflo is an exchange aggregator specifically designed to help the trader access the best cryptocurrency prices, easily and efficiently, no matter where they are.

Finxflo’s advanced technology strives to empower the cryptocurency community, providing its users with a transparency and level of liquidity that has been missing from the market.

Finxflo, through its precision engineered and intuitive user interface will provide users with a unique and unrivalled trading experience, customisable to the individual user’s needs and designed to promote learning and progression.

Put simply, our mission is to give users the best price 24/7 and ensure that they are best placed to take full advantage.


At Finxflo we believe in a cryptocurrency market built on values of transparency, legitimacy and trust, fully accepted by the mainstream.

We envisage a level playing field for all participants, with market distortions and unfair trading practices eliminated, and with the best prices available to traders irrespective of size and location.

Finxflo provides its users with access to multiple markets through 1 registration process, 1 KYC, 1 wallet and 1 user interface, connecting the dots for the user so the user doesn’t have to. However, users do not just gain access to multiple exchanges in the same way that they did previously; through using Finxflo’s advanced aggregation protocol and smart order routing system users are guaranteed the best price available – for larger orders, where necessary, the smart order routing system will go as far as to distribute the order across multiple exchanges simultaneously in order to achieve the optimum buy or sell price as required. Furthermore with only 1 wallet required, a user’s liquidity can easily be applied across exchanges without any need for a manual transfer.

But there is more. As individual retail traders have limited resources with which to trade this results in them paying higher transaction fees than larger traders with more financial muscle. However, when users trade together through Finxflo they gain access to the type of preferential transaction fees that only high net-worth individuals or institutional traders can command. Retail traders effectively become institutional traders overnight. On top of that, in contrast with exchanges, Finxflo won’t charge users withdrawal fees.


Pre-sales: Jul 01, 2020 - Jul 14, 2020
Public sales: Jul 15, 2020 - Jan 15, 2021
Pre-sale token supply: 30,000,000 FXF
Token supply: 600,000,000 FXF
Total tokens for sale: 330,000,000 FXF
Hard cap: 36,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Japan,Malaysia
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2019
Office address: 6A Shenton way, level 04-01, OUE Downtown Gallery Singapore 068815

Token info

Ticker: FXF
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 FXF = 0.12 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP. BCH, DASH, USDT, USD
Funds allocation:
50% - Public Sale
38% - Locked (27% - Operations / 11% - Founders’ Team)
5% - Private Sale
5% - Partnerships
2% - Competitions

Finxflo Roadmap

Q4 2019
  • Marketing Website Launched
  • 2
    Q1 2020
  • MAS Grandfathering Exemption
  • Proof of Concept
  • 3
    Q2 2020
  • Private Token Sale
  • 4
    Q3 2020
  • Public Token Sale
  • Demo Trading Opensli>
  • Token Competition
  • Beta Release
  • PR Agency Onboarding
  • Website Upgrade
  • 5
    Q4 2020
  • Live Trading Launch
  • 10 Exchanges Aggregated
  • Chinese Language Version
  • Token Listing 1st Exchange
  • Token Listing 2nd Exchange
  • Mobile App Launch
  • MAS License
  • 6
    Q1 2021
  • 15 Exchanges Aggregated
  • Token Listing 3rd Exchange
  • Spanish Language Version
  • 7
    Q2 2021
  • 20 Exchanges Aggregated
  • Token Listing 4th Exchange
  • Russian Language Version
  • 8
    Q3 2021
  • 25 Exchanges Aggregated
  • Token Listing 5th Exchange
  • Korean Language Version
  • 9
    Q4 2021
  • 30 Exchanges Aggregated
  • Token Listing 6th Exchange
  • Japanese Language Version
  • San Francisco Office Opens
  • Project team

    James Gillingham
    James Gillingham
    James Gillingham linkedin
    Thomas Plaskocinski
    Thomas Plaskocinski
    Co-Founder + CTO
    Liam Jones
    Liam Jones
    Chief Executive Officer
    Liam Jones linkedin
    Asad Zeeshan
    Asad Zeeshan
    Asad Zeeshan linkedin
    Nikhil Sethi
    Nikhil Sethi
    Marketing and crowdfunding
    Nikhil Sethi linkedin
    Greg Ranslam
    Greg Ranslam
    Greg Ranslam linkedin
    Craig Sinclair Henderson
    Craig Sinclair Henderson
    Marketing Manager
    Craig Sinclair Henderson linkedin
    Imran Hossain
    Imran Hossain
    Graphic Designer and Web Developer
    Imran Hossain linkedin
    Arup Sorker
    Arup Sorker
    Social Media Team
    Arup Sorker linkedin
    Prosongit Sarker
    Prosongit Sarker
    Social /media team
    Prosongit Sarker linkedin


    Dr Anthony O’Sullivan
    Dr Anthony O’Sullivan
    Marketing analyst for Palomar Technologies.
    Dr Anthony O’Sullivan linkedin
    Stefano Virgilli
    Stefano Virgilli
    Entrepreneurship and Top Management Stefano Virgilli is an Italian serial
    Stefano Virgilli linkedin
    Mark Hammond
    Mark Hammond
    Head of Flow Products and API for Liquid Quoine Exchange Mark Hammond
    Mark Hammond linkedin

    Social media

    Finxflo web-siteFinxflo RedditFinxflo MediumFinxfloYouTubeFinxflo TelegramFinxflo InstagramFinxflo BTCTalkFinxflo LinkedInFinxflo TwitterFinxflo FacebookFinxflo Github



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