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Game Fanz is a blockchain-based gaming platform.

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Project industry Gaming & VR
Product type Platform
Founded Indonesia

What is Game Fanz

Game Fanz is a platform where gamers from all over the world meet and have the same chances to get free GFN tokens every day. Nowadays, gaming is not simply a hobby anymore. Instead, gaming can become a part of ways for prosperity. Game Fanz is developing interesting gaming projects that will buzz the industry and provide the gamers with different gaming experience.

Game Fanz has set a target to participate in the revolution of gaming industry by providing the gamers with more thrills and excitement. To make sure that development of the games meets the specified timeline, Game Fanz is issuing GFN utility tokens. The tokens are ERC-20 based upon Ethereum Blockchain.

Vision and Mission Statements

Game Fanz sets a vision that serves a guidance for the team to work in the entire organization, namely “A Leading Platform for Gamers in the World”

To achieve the vision, we set some missions that manifest our purpose, identities, values, norms, targets, and objectives. The following is our mission statement:

  • Offering interesting, and innovative game projects
  • Improving the project values
  • Building professional platform
  • Building long-term partnership

We have a high commitment to achieving the organization’s vision and missions. Therefore, Game Fanz keeps communicating the vision and mission statements to make sure that they become the foundation for organizational culture and that every element in the organizations operates in the specified pathway.

Game Fanz is issuing GFN tokens to help fund the revolutionary projects, which we are working on. GFN utility tokens are developed from the smart contracts based upon Ethereum Blockchain technology. Using Ethereum technology provides us with several benefits. We can depend upon the established Ethereum Blockchain as it is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies.

Instead of developing brand-new cryptocurrency, Ethereum blockchain makes our tasks in developing GFN tokens simpler. Gamers in the world have been familiar with Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, we can focus on developing the projects that provide the token holders with added values. We do our best to develop revolutionary projects to make sure that the token values increases dramatically.

Like other tokens do, GFN tokens are tradable to provide the holders with profits. When the values increase, the users can sell them and get profits from the price difference. In addition, we provide the loyal gamers with chances to get free tokens.

Functions of GFN Tokens

GFN utility tokens provide the users with access to our products when they are done at the end of the specified period. The tokens will provide the users with added benefits at the end of project development. GFN utility tokens mainly function as an exclusive access for users. They can enjoy the exclusive services in terms of free access to the finished games, which our team is working on.

GFN Utility tokens serve like exclusive pre-order for the games being developed. When they are released into the market, the token holders automatically get access to play the games as they want. When the games are well accepted in the market, the token values will increase. If the gamers want to get some profits, they can sell the tokens.

However, GFN utility tokens are not to be considered as investments. They do not provide the users with authority to neither control the decision-making process in Game Fanz nor collect dividends from the profits made by the company. Instead, they have exclusive right to enjoy the products and services developed by Game Fanz after the projects are completed.


Public sales: Dec 10, 2018 - Mar 03, 2019
Token supply: 80,000,000,000 GFN
Total tokens for sale: 40,000,000,000 GFN

Token info

Ticker: GFN
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in ETH: 1 ETH = 40,000,000 GFN
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
50% - Donation and Zero ETH Selfdrop
25% - Airdrop
10% - Partnership
5% - Team
5% - Bounty
5% - Lucky Game Fanz Event

Game Fanz Roadmap

December 2018

Project Launch;
Zero ETH selfdrop Start;
Donation Start;
Airdrop Start;
Bounty Start.

Q1 2019

Listed Exchange;
Zero ETH selfdrop Ended;
Donation Ended;
Airdrop Ended;
Bounty Ended;
Airdrop Distribution;
Bounty Distribution.

Q2 2019


Q3 2019

Game Fanz Platform development.

Q4 2019

Game Fanz Platform Release.

Project team

Hadi Wijaya
Hadi Wijaya
Chief Executive Officer / CEO
Edi Porwanto
Edi Porwanto
Chief Marketing Officer / CMO
Dony Risaldi
Dony Risaldi
Chief Technology Officer / CTO
Dias Fajar
Dias Fajar
Community Manager
Fahreza Akbar
Fahreza Akbar
Marketing Manager

Social media

Web-site Medium: Game Fanz YouTube: Game Fanz Telegram: Game Fanz BTCTalk: Game Fanz LinkedIn: Game Fanz Twitter: Game Fanz Facebook: Game Fanz Github: Game Fanz

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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