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GamersXP is a gaming platform that helps gamers to level up, build their gaming identity and have financial literacy.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperGamersXP White Paper Open

What is GamersXP

GamersXP's mission is to introduce a platform that extends beyond borders and channels consistent value back into the gaming industry. Unique GamersXP avatars and collectibles are minted as valuable NFTs through gamers' interactions within the platform. As the first Proof of Achievement (PoA) Gamers platform, GamersXP empowers gamers to earn rewards for their achievements, whether in eSports competitions, their favorite games, or GamersXP's exclusive titles. Through GamersXP Tokens (GMXP), users unlock NFT Avatars and Collectibles, preserving their accomplishment records.

With a team of dedicated gamers, GamersXP champions the idea of tangible rewards for hours invested in gaming. Through GamersXP reward platform, we aim to demonstrate that gamers can reap the rewards of their dedication, showcasing how a supportive community can transform aspirations into achievements.


IDO (Kangastarter Launchpad): Jun 05, 2024 - Jun 05, 2024
Pre-sale token supply: 37,500,000 GMXP
Token supply: 800,000,000 GMXP
Total tokens for sale: 67,500,000 GMXP


Blockchain Platform: Polygon
Registration country: Cyprus
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: GMXP
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 GMXP = 0,005 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT
Token distribution:
10% - Team
7% - Advisors
3% - Partnerships
16% - Ecosystem and Development
5% - Marketing & Operations
22% - Staking and Community rewards
10% - Treasury
18,56% - Liquidity
2,34% - KOLs Round
3,75% - Private Round
2,34% - Public Sale

GamersXP Roadmap

Q1 2023-Q3
  • Team Formation
  • GamersXP reward dApp (Alpha release)
  • Reward dApp Tier Scheme development
  • Social Login integration
  • Reward dApp new pc games integration development
  • Gaming Guilds Partnerships
  • Guild feature development
  • Marketing Campaigns Preparation
Q4 2023
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Onboard 2000 Users
  • Development of GamersXP Utility NFTs
  • Preparing for TGE
Q1-Q2 2024
  • Listing to CEXs and DEXs
  • Giveaway Pass Product Launch
  • INO of Giveaway Pass NFT
  • Private Round
  • KOLs Round
  • Public Sale
Q3 2024
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web2 Gaming ID development
  • Level UP Platform Development
  • Parnerships with Top Content Creators
Q4 2024
  • INO of GamersXP Utility NFTs
  • eSports Platform Development
  • Marketplace Platform Development
  • Partnerships with eSports Teams
  • In-house game Development
  • eLaunch of PoA NFT
  • Web2 ID verification Launch
  • Partnerships with web2-web3 Gaming Studios

Project team

Christos Panayiotou
Christos Panayiotou
Christos Panayiotou linkedin
George Xenophontos
George Xenophontos
George Xenophontos linkedin
Constantinos Toumbas
Constantinos Toumbas
Constantinos Toumbas linkedin
David Azubike
David Azubike
David Azubike linkedin
Alexis Chrysaphis
Alexis Chrysaphis
QA & Tech Lead


Ian T. Staley
Ian T. Staley
Ian T. Staley linkedin

Social media

GamersXP web-siteGamersXPYouTubeGamersXP TelegramGamersXP LinkedInGamersXP X (Twitter)GamersXP FacebookGamersXP Discord



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