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Is a new communication platform (c2b, b2b, c2c). It is able to unite people, smart things and business. It will allow all participants (both virtual and real) to communicate using natural language. It will help to work and earn money.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
WhitepaperGravio White Paper Open

Technical details

The backbone of the GRAVIO network will include hardware&software solutions for end users — GRAVIO.HOME, GRAVIO.CAR, GRAVIO.HUB — and the end user applications for installation on mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, netbooks/notebooks) and desktops.

What is Gravio

Unified secure communication space Unified protected information field / space Unified semantic space Unified geoinformation space Unified space for earning and spending based on the crypto currency - GRAVIO coin (GIO)

Token info

Ticker: GIO
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Token distribution:
If investment amount 3000 BTC Marketing 10% Data processing centers 10% Devices production 15% OPEX 50% CAPEX 15%

Social media

Gravio web-siteGravio RedditGravio BTCTalkGravio TwitterGravio FacebookGravio Slack

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