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Koi Labs aims to Unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies by Building the Digital Collectibles Platform for Virtual GameFi NFTs on multichains.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeMetaverse

What is Koi Metaverse

Koi Metaverse (Koiverse initially) is a Fish Farming blockchain game that combines token economy and NFT assets. It consists of a series of smart contracts and a variety of NFT assets in the form of virtual fish. All of the in-game assets belong to its players.

Koi Network is a next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot and so on. Koi is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated for GameFi NFT assets.

The number of accumulated registered users in the previous games is over 50 million globally. Koi team are experts in innovative gaming mechanisms, sidechain implementation, tokenization economics and decentralized wallet integration.


IDO (SafeLaunch Launchpad): TBA - TBA
IDO (Equinox Launchpad): TBA - TBA
Pre-sale token supply: 160,000,000 KOI
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 KOI
Total tokens for sale: 190,000,000 KOI
Raised: 5,300,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: KOI
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 KOI = 0,05 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD
Token distribution:
4% - Seed Round
6% - Private Round 1
6% - Private Round2
3% - 15% - Staking Reward
30% - Game Fi Minting
12% - Founding Team
2% - Partners & Advisors
10% - Foundation Reserve
3% - Community Airdrop
5% - Marketing & Ecosystem
4% - Gamefy Development Grants

Koi Metaverse Roadmap

2020 - Q4
  • Project Establishment
2021 - Q1
  • Proof of Concept
  • Protocol Establishment
2021 - Q2
  • Draft of the Whitepaper
  • Network Design
2021 - Q3
  • The First Game Development & Release
  • Launch NFT Genesis
  • Collection Offering
2021 - Q4
  • Play to Earn Campaigns Release
2022 - Q1
  • Koi NFT Offering Phase 2 Mining and Breeding
  • Official Launch Pictorial
  • Book Mining Official Launch
2022 - Q2
  • Gamepaper V2.0 release
  • Trade to Earn
  • Campaigns Release
  • Play to Earn Campaigns Release
2022 - Q3
  • Koi Sidechain Mainnet Release
  • Lending Services and Koi Index Product Release
2022 - Q4
  • Koi Sidechain Mainnet Release
  • More game components
2023 - Q1
  • Grant of GameFi
  • Development and Deployment on Koi Chain Koi Network technical construction

Project team

Anetta Sultygova
Anetta Sultygova
Project Lead & Ecosystem Director
Anetta Sultygova linkedin
Claudia Polanco
Claudia Polanco
Marketing Director
Euglena Liu
Euglena Liu
Product Director
Euglena Liu linkedin
Yuan Lee
Yuan Lee
Technical Director
Tao Liu
Tao Liu
UI/UX Designer
Tao Liu linkedin
Jelly Ji
Jelly Ji
Front-end Developer
Jelly Ji linkedin


Vladan Falcic
Vladan Falcic
Advisor and Partner at Squares Capital
Vladan Falcic linkedin
Alex Man
Alex Man
Advisor and Partner at Jun Capital
Alex Man linkedin

Social media

Koi Metaverse web-siteKoi Metaverse MediumKoi MetaverseYouTubeKoi Metaverse TelegramKoi Metaverse LinkedInKoi Metaverse TwitterKoi Metaverse DiscordKoi Metaverse Github



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