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L2FINANCE is a one-stop service platform for financial derivatives markets based on Layer2 technology.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking / Layer-2
Product typePlatform
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What is L2 Finance

L2FINANCE is a one-stop service platform for the financial derivatives market, which aims to use Layer2 to better combine the traditional derivatives market to create a financial derivatives market on the Layer2 chain, including synthetic assets, options, market prediction, perpetual contract, insurance, and interest rate six major chain derivatives. The platform adopts AIGC technology, provides more diversified investment options and higher yields through strategy aggregation and AI automatic optimization; the global liquidity model makes transaction fees low and has no slippage, and can be deeply integrated. In addition, the global risk factor model can provide accurate risk assessment and ensure the safety of investors' assets.

L2FINANCE also adopts an innovative cross-margin model + multi-asset mortgage to provide a more flexible trading method for the agreement. At the same time, the platform also introduces a synthetic asset token model to help investors obtain future income from deposits and provide investors with more choices and convenience.


Registration year: 2023

L2 Finance Roadmap

2023 Q2
  • Release the L2FINANCE transaction platform and put Arbitrum online
  • Launch L2F, L2FINANCE's native token, LF2, and make it available for trading on the DEX exchange
  • Roll out an incentive scheme based on investor contributions to encourage community participation in platform building
  • Roll out an AIGC-based arbitrage vault to provide investors with more steady returns
2023 Q3
  • Enable the cross-chain arbitrage function based on the LN
  • Enable the derivatives aggregation trading function and link with the existing DeFi protocols
  • Release a multi-chain option ecosystem to provide more trading options
  • Enable the open API/SDK service linking function to provide services for more business partners
2023 Q4
  • Establish a public blockchain dedicated to Layer 2, and integrate various apps, which will serve as a platform for integrating various financial derivatives services
  • Consolidate platform security measures, including risk management and compliance oversight
2024 Q1
  • Introduce a community governance-based decision-making mechanism to encourage community participation in platform governance
  • Release an exclusive NFT to empower and integrate more Layer 2 ecosystems
  • Launch an intelligent investment advisor based on AI and machine learning to provide investors with tailored investment advice
2024 Q2
  • Add the support of more Layer 2-targeted public blockchains such as Optimistic, zkSync, Polygon, zkTube, etc.
  • Enable the decentralized OTC transaction function and link with blockchain wallets
  • Release an identification system to safeguard investors' privacy and security
  • Roll out a P2P lending platform to provide Layer 2 users with diversified lending options

Project team

Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson linkedin
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams
Suhail Gupta
Suhail Gupta

Social media

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