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Magical Blocks ($MBLK) is an innovative ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum network and designed to revolutionize the gaming and blockchain space.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeMetaverse
FoundedUnited Arab Emirates
WhitepaperMagical Blocks White Paper Open

What is Magical Blocks

Developed by Zogi Labs, Magical Blocks ($MBLK) offers a unique blend of blockchain technology and cutting-edge gaming mechanics that incentivize deflation, offering players and investors a distinctive opportunity to be part of the future of gaming and blockchain.

$MBLK is a proprietary in-game token developed by our in-house team, with a focus on decentralizing value transfer for all participants in the open world gaming environment. Inspired by the success of leading gaming titles like Fortnite and their in-game currency, Vbucks, we have created a unique blend of blockchain technology and cutting-edge gaming mechanics that incentivize deflation, offering players and investors a distinctive opportunity to be part of the future of gaming and blockchain.

Designed to be a sustainable in-game reward, $MBLK features a revolutionary algorithmic in-game reward pool that rewards players for their in-game activities, encouraging active engagement and long-term user retention. In addition, $MBLK will be integrated into our DeFi protocols, including staking and the Zogi bridge, providing additional utility, flexibility, and value to holders.

Overall, we believe that $MBLK represents a significant innovation in the gaming and blockchain space, providing a unique solution that meets the needs of both players and investors. We are excited to launch this platform and to offer our users an exceptional gaming experience that is supported by blockchain technology and best practices.

  • Round 1: $.05
  • Round 2: $.055
  • Round 3: $.06
  • Round 4: $.065


Public sales: Apr 14, 2023 - TBA
Pre-sale token supply: 65,000,000 MBLK
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 MBLK
Total tokens for sale: 130,000,000 MBLK


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United Arab Emirates
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Clover Bay Tower 103 , Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab.

Token info

Ticker: MBLK
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: USDT, ETH
Token distribution:
  • Private 6.5% / 5 months / 5% TGE / Liner release 24 months;
  • IDO 6.5% / 1 month / 10% TGE / Liner release 12 months;
  • Yield Farming 10% / Liner release 36 months;
  • Team 15% / 1 year / Liner release 36 months;
  • Exchange Liquidity 10%;
  • Advisors 2% / 6 months / Liner release 2 years;
  • In-game Distribution 50% / Algorithmic release with game economics and inflation control.

Magical Blocks Roadmap

  • Bezoge Token smart contract - May 2021
  • Private Alpha Game - November 2021
  • BEZOGE Token Fair Launch - May 2021
  • Bezogi NFT Sale - September 2021
  • First Cinematic Trailer - April 2022
  • Staking Contract - August 2022
  • PClosed Beta Launch - August 2022
  • ZOGI Wrapper - Dec 9th, 2022
  • ZOGI Bridge - Dec 2022
  • Mobile Beta Launch - December 2022
  • Public Beta Launch - December 2022
  • Bezogi ETH Migration - Dec 2022/Jan 2023
  • Bull Market NFT Marketplace - Q1 2023
  • Second Cinematic Trailer - Q1 2023
  • Full Game Release (PC & Mobile) - Q1 2023
  • First PVP Arena - 2023
  • First game expansion (Zerkzogia) - 2023
  • Seed Sale - Ongoing
  • MBLK IDO - Jan 2023
  • MBLK CEX/DEX Listing - Q1 2023
  • Weapon Sales - Jan 2023
  • Limited Edition NFT Character Collection - TBC
  • 1st Land Sale - Feb/Mar 2023
  • Purebred Bezogi NFT Auction - TBA
  • 2nd Land Sale - TBA

Project team

Steve Murray
Steve Murray
Steve Murray linkedin
Nick Vadera
Nick Vadera
Nick Vadera linkedin
Ahmed Zakaria
Ahmed Zakaria
Chief Advisor
Ahmed Zakaria linkedin
Lead Game Producer
Farwa Shakeel
Farwa Shakeel
Marketing Manager
Farwa Shakeel linkedin

Social media

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