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Mail3 is a crypto native communication protocol that promises security, privacy preservation and self-sovereign identity. It aims to be the infrastructure for web3 communication and the platform for valuable information such as relationships, reputation, and trust.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typeProtocol
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What is Mail3

We start Mail3 with a very simple but ambitious vision - establishing a web3 native communication platform. With the build-in Web3 identity and the Web3 payment functionality, people can effectively reach each other and communicate freely.

Mail3 aims to serve the whole web3 world, Mail3 will support all public chains and corresponding wallets, and domain names.

Wallet to Wallet Communication brings a total fresh experience. Address works as the decentralized and unified account in web3, enabling Alice to send mail to Bob anytime, anywhere. Normally, the traditional mail-to-mail message means that Alice needs to create an account first and give Alice’s mail address to Bob, after that Bob can send mail to Alice. In Mail3, Bob can send messages to Alice directly even without Alice registering Mail3 in advance. Anytime Alice comes to Mail3 or the Dapp adopting Mail3, Alice can check the messages sent from Bob before.

And what makes communication more effective is the wallet to contract communication. By sending emails to a contract address (we call Community Mail in Mail3), you can

  • Send an inquiry to all owners of an NFT series
  • Notify all the stakeholders on a Defi protocol hack
  • Notify DAO token holders about the next DAO meeting

Mail3 adopted the standard SMTP protocol, which enables Mail3 users to communicate with traditional Email users. The team spends tons of time investigating and solving all kinds of compatibility issues, because we believe that Mail3 will be the most popular email service for people daily-use, instead of a fancy Web3 demo that can only be used in the Web3 world.


Registration year: 2022

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