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MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where users can manage their own club and generate income while playing.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is Meta Soccer

MetaSoccer is an entire soccer universe developed on the blockchain. This is the starting point of a new paradigm in the sports ecosystem, decentralized and of which you can actively participate in multiple ways. This universe is a combination of 3 multibillion dollar markets with global impact: video games, soccer and sports betting, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies, another multibillion dollar market that just started to take off.

As a user of the MetaSoccer universe, you can earn cryptocurrency in the following ways:

  • Winning matches (simulated according to statistics) against other users in career mode, or against AI in friendly mode.
  • Finishing the season in the top positions of the league or cup in career mode
  • Selling players who have been discovered by your sports scouts
  • Borrowing players to other teams for a limited period of time
  • Charging commissions on the sale of future players
  • Selling sports scouts who have been mentored by members of your team
  • Getting sponsorship contracts as your team gains popularity
  • Betting on a winning team
  • Renting your stadium to other teams
  • Selling tickets to fans attending the stadium


IDO (Daomaker Launchpad): Dec 06, 2021 - Dec 07, 2021
Token supply: 360,000,000 MSU


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: MSU
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 MSU = 0.03 USD
Accepted currencies: DAI
Token distribution:
Playing & Staking Rewards - 35%
Ecosystem - 20%
Private Sale - 20%
Public Sale - 5%
Team - 15%
Advisors - 5%

Meta Soccer Roadmap

Q3 2021
  • Conceptualization
  • Launch Whitepaper
  • Launch Tokenomics
  • Launch Website
  • Launch Telegram, Discord, Twitter
  • Start marketing and building social media presence
Q4 2021
  • $MSU private & TBC presale
  • Youth Scouts private presale
  • Youth Scouts public presale in native marketplace
  • Youth Scout gameplay: scouting mechanic
  • Assets purchase / sale
Q1-Q2 2022
  • Youth Scouts gameplay: knowledge improving
  • Players gameplay: training + skills improving
  • Players & scouts aging activation
  • Friendly matches (beta - match comments)
  • Player loans
  • Youth Scouts gameplay: mentoring new scouts
  • Career mode (beta - matches comments)
Q3-Q4 2022
  • Multi-team: multiple teams per club
  • Owner & Manager roles split
  • 2D match simulation
  • Career mode tournaments
  • More, pending vote (DAO)
To vote
  • Stadiums
  • Stadium tickets income
  • Renting stadiums
  • Betting platform
  • Stream matches

Project team

Marc Cercos
Marc Cercos
CEO & Co-Founder
Marc Cercos linkedin
Alex Fiestas
Alex Fiestas
CTO & Co-Founder
Alex Fiestas linkedin
Patxi Barrios
Patxi Barrios
COO & Co-Founder
Patxi Barrios linkedin
Diego Milla
Diego Milla
Blockchain Lead
Diego Milla linkedin
Juan Luis Soriano
Juan Luis Soriano
Product Manager
Juan Luis Soriano linkedin
Pedro Carnerero
Pedro Carnerero
Pedro Carnerero linkedin
Asier Paz
Asier Paz
Asier Paz linkedin
Gustavo Sabino
Gustavo Sabino
Growth Lead
Gustavo Sabino linkedin
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez
Community Manager
Andres Rodriguez linkedin


Alex Puig
Alex Puig
Blockchain Advisor
Alex Puig linkedin
Jordi Puig
Jordi Puig
Data Advisor
Jordi Puig linkedin

Social media

Meta Soccer web-siteMeta Soccer MediumMeta Soccer TelegramMeta Soccer TwitterMeta Soccer Discord

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