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MiilionCoin is a system of comprehensive services that will gather in one place different areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market in order to enable their use in everyday life.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeEcosystem
WhitepaperMillionCoin White Paper Open

What is MillionCoin

Within that system, it is possible to:

  • sell goods and services in cryptocurrencies,
  • automate the trading processes,
  • use the dedicated software,
  • exchange cryptocurrencies,
  • use legal/tax and bookkeeping/accounting counseling.


Pre-sales: Feb 18, 2018 - Aug 18, 2018
Public sales: Aug 18, 2018 - Dec 17, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 5000000
Token supply: 29000000
Hard cap: 4,153,600 USD(fiat)


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Poland
Registration year: 2018
Office address: Poland, Katowice 40-246 at 23 Porcelanowa Street.

Token info

Ticker: MON
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
75% - ICO sell
15% - Owners
5% - Company tests
4% - Counseling
1% - Advertising /marketing
Funds allocation:
50% - Development of software and security
15% - Marketing
15% - Operational costs
10% - Law and regulations
10% - Owners

MillionCoin Roadmap

Q4 2016

- Establishment
- Activation of prototype

Q1 2017

- Research Analysis
- Development of code

Q2 2017

- Legal-bookkeeping trainings
- Bot as SaaS service

Q2 2017

- Legal-bookkeeping trainings
- Bot as SaaS service

Q3 2017

- Establishing business relations with producers and service providers
- Creation of Software House

Q4 2017

- Successful transaction for sale of cars with payment in cryptocurrency
- Internal tests for 0.9 BOT version (for a closed group of users)

Q2 2018

- BOT 1.0

Q3 2018

- Shop 1.0

Q4 2018


Project team

Krzysztof Perek
Krzysztof Perek
CEO at One Million Group
Krzysztof Perek linkedin
Marcin Walkowski
Marcin Walkowski
CEO at AT.Systems
Marcin Walkowski linkedin
Michał Błaszczak
Michał Błaszczak
CSO (Chief Security Officer) at AT.Systems
Michał Błaszczak linkedin
Karol Starukiewicz
Karol Starukiewicz
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at AT.Systems
Karol Starukiewicz linkedin
Adam Przybyła
Adam Przybyła
Sales Director at One Million Group
Adam Przybyła linkedin
Szymon Jaworski
Szymon Jaworski
Head of the Technical Department at One Million Group
Szymon Jaworski linkedin
Dawid Walkowski
Dawid Walkowski
Customer Relationship Manager at One Million Group
Dawid Walkowski linkedin
Marcel Wandas
Marcel Wandas
Development Assistant at One Million Group
Marcel Wandas linkedin
Mariusz Bieniek
Mariusz Bieniek
Project Manager at One Million Group
Mariusz Bieniek linkedin
Adam Sitko
Adam Sitko
Frontend Developer at One Million Group
Adam Sitko linkedin
Jakub Białoń
Jakub Białoń
Software Engineer at AT.Systems
Jakub Białoń linkedin
Piotr Watoła
Piotr Watoła
Software Architect at AT.Systems
Piotr Watoła linkedin
Dariusz Tomasiak
Dariusz Tomasiak
Senior Back-end developer at AT.Systems
Dariusz Tomasiak linkedin
Piotr Kubasik
Piotr Kubasik
Marketing Assistant at One Million Group
Piotr Kubasik linkedin

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