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Natural Health Network is a blockchain-base holistic profiling platform.

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What is Natural Health Network

The Natural Health Network solution will be able to store users’ health history and automatically process personal and genetically transferable health data. Users will also be able to go to the Natural Health Network website, contact a registered practitioner and request an online or physical consultation. The Natural Health Network platform also envisages a forum, where users can communicate, and a health shop. The blockchain platform will employ a DPoS consensus model. The Natural Health Network coin (NHN) holders will be able to participate in approval voting. The most approved candidate will receive 1% on the funds they staked.


Token supply: 30,000,000

Token info

Ticker: NHN
Token distribution:
24% - Smart Contracts
5% - Advisors
5% - Airdrops
5% - Developing Team
30% - ICO
2% - Private Sale
20% - Operational Cost
9% - Founders
Funds allocation:
18% - Operations
50% - Product
22% - Marketing
10% - Legal

Social media

Natural Health Network web-siteNatural Health Network TelegramNatural Health Network TwitterNatural Health Network Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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