New Crypto Presale DoggyAI Surpasses $101,000 in Hours

DoggyAI PR-1

The recent launch of the Doggy AI (DOGYAI) crypto presale has swiftly garnered over 101,000, and it can become the potential next meme coin sensation.

This eagerly awaited token leverages the Ethereum blockchain’s capabilities alongside the engaging appeal of dog-themed meme coins, which dominate the meme coin market.

Doggy AI combines meme culture with advanced AI technology, positioning itself at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. The project aims to significantly expand its community by offering attractive daily staking rewards, enhancing the appeal for holders to increase their investment effortlessly.

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Presale Demand Skyrockets Without Defined Hard Cap

With more than $101K raised and counting, the Doggy AI presale is on track to sell out rapidly. Although the project’s whitepaper does not specify a hard cap, it outlines that 30% of the token’s 69 billion total supply is reserved for presale. Additional allocations include 20% for staking rewards, 10% each for community rewards and exchange liquidity, 20% for marketing, and 10% for foundational growth and sustainability.

The successful launch signals a promising future for Doggy AI and reflects a broader trend in effective crypto marketing strategies.

Revolutionizing Crypto Marketing with Memes and Technology

Doggy AI calls upon its community to support its ascent to the top of the meme coin market. By integrating cutting-edge AI within a meme coin framework, Doggy AI caters to adventurous traders and those seeking profitable, value-driven opportunities.

Following in the footsteps of successful predecessors like Corgi AI and Turbo, Doggy AI distinguishes itself through its engaging brand and the promise of substantial staking rewards aimed at enduring success and mitigating the inherent volatility of meme coins.

Staking Rewards and Market Excitement

The introduction of Doggy AI’s staking rewards is set to attract considerable attention. This supply will be gradually released over two years, offering an initial annual percentage rate of approximately 315,360%, providing a solid foundation for Doggy AI’s rise in the market. However, these lucrative rewards are designed to decrease as more participants join the staking pool, encouraging early adoption.

DoggyAI PR-2

The project’s tiered presale pricing further amplifies urgency among potential buyers, with prices set to increase at predetermined milestones or time intervals.

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About DoggyAI:

Project Name: Doggy AI

Token Name: $DOGYAI

Deployment Network: Ethereum

Soft Cap: $8,835,000

Hard Cap: $10,000,000

Presale Start Date: 07/06/2024

Presale Stages and Pricing:

Presale Stages Table

Presale StagesPrices for each stage:Length of each stage (in days)
1$ 0.00028885
2$ 0.00031775
3$ 0.00034945
4$ 0.00038445
5$ 0.00042285
6$ 0.00046515
7$ 0.00051165
8$ 0.00056285
9$ 0.00061915
10$ 0.00068105
11$ 0.00074915
12$ 0.00082405
13$ 0.00090645
14$ 0.00099704
15$ 0.00109677

Stay Informed and Engage with Doggy AI

To keep up with the latest developments and participate in the presale, follow Doggy AI on its social platforms and join the conversation on Telegram.


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