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Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge with smart contracts only on the destination side and is Ethereum’s future multi-rollup infrastructure.

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What is Orbiter Finance

Orbiter supports cross-rollup transfers between Ethereum, StarkNet, zkSync, Loopring, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, ZKSpace, Immutable X, dYdX, Metis and Boba.

Features of Orbiter Finance:

  • Safe Orbiter has no risk like other cross-L1 bridges based on the safety rollup technique.
  • Cheap & Instant The transfer is between the 'Sender 'and the 'Maker’s' EOA (externally owned address) on both 'Source' and 'Destination' networks. 'Senders' don’t interact with the contract address.
  • For the Ethereum-native assets There is no need to mint assets, so the liquidity can be totally supported in a decentralized way. Liquidity is totally supported in a decentralized way and minting assets is no longer required.


Registration country: Virgin Islands (British)
Registration year: 2021

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