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Pawnfi Protocol is the first DeFi product which introduces the pawn concept, also a brand-new lending and leasing market to provide fair appraisal, liquidity and use case for Non-Standard Assets (NSA).

Seed Round: $3 Million

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Project industryCrowdfunding & Lending
Product typeDeFi

What is Pawnfi

Besides supporting mainstream assets, Pawnfi covers all types of Non-Standard Assets including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP Tokens), tokenized rights, and minor cryptocurrencies with relatively less liquidity.

Pawnfi has achieved the divestiture of asset ownership, use rights, and earning rights within the product in an innovative way, so that asset holders and users can maximize capital efficiency. Compared with other lending protocols in the industry, Pawnfi can provide a wider range of asset support, a more flexible loan portfolio, and more diversified asset realization solutions.


Raised: 3,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2021

Pawnfi Roadmap

2020 Q3-Q4
  • Test Pawnfi MVP 1.0 on ETH Ropsten testnet and BSC testnet
  • Launch Pawnfi MVP 1.0
    • Support Pawn (collateralized loan) Module for NFT assets, LP tokens and Main Stream coins
2021 Q1
  • Launch Pawnfi MVP 2.0
    • Add Lease and Sale modules
    • Support Pawn|Lease|Sale for more NSAs, ex. Insurance, Derivatives and Altcoins
  • Initiate the development of Pawnfi Arbitrum (Ethereum) version
  • Explore other layer 2 solutions
  • Research into Polkadot Substrate
2021 Q2
  • Deploy Pawnfi Alpha version on Ethereum, BSC, Moonbeam, Arbitrum and Polygon testnet
    • Integrate the multi-chain versions into the same front-end interface
    • Add on auction module and liquidity mining
    • Improve Crowd-Lending function
  • Start Pawnfi Fast Loan development
2021 Q3
  • User Acceptance Testing for Pawnfi Beta version
    • Add on Bundled Collateral
    • UX Optimization
  • Pool-Lending/ Fast Loan development & System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • Appraisal Module development & System Integration Testing (SIT)
2021 Q4
  • Launch Pawnfi Beta version
  • Pool-Lending/ Fast Loan User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Appraisal Module User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
2022 Q1-Q2
  • Initiate Pool-Lending and Fast Loan
  • Initiate Appraisal Module
  • Introduce more leasing options
  • Pawnfi Substrate and Cadence version SIT & UAT
2022 Q3-Q4
  • Launch Pawnfi Substrate version
  • Launch Pawnfi Cadence version

Project team

Guy Ip
Guy Ip
Chief Product Officer
Guy Ip linkedin
Wesley Kayne
Wesley Kayne
Chief Executive Officer
Wesley Kayne linkedin

Social media

Pawnfi web-sitePawnfi MediumPawnfi TelegramPawnfi LinkedInPawnfi X (Twitter)Pawnfi DiscordPawnfi Github

2 Responses

  • Craig SmithMay 26, 2023 at 10:06 pm

    I deposited $29K in my pawnfi account and earned $28K over a 6-week period. My account is now frozen at $57K until I pay $10K in taxes. Is that legit? Or am I getting scammed?

    • CryptoJuly 24, 2023 at 12:57 am

      I have had the same issue– paid the taxes then had to wait for ages for the assets to be released unless I pay another sum to become a senior member- I am also worried now


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