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Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Sep 22, 2020 – Oct 03, 2020

PGcoin – is a new innovative next generation international real estate platform birthed out of years of combined experience in international real estate and offers a paradigm shift in the industry and a highly innovative property sale and house rental platform, scalable on an international level, completely changing market practices with all its inefficiencies.

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Project industryReal Estate
Product typePlatform

What is PGcoin

Block chain-based property transfer is foreseen in PGcoin technology providing a future-proof infrastructure. PGcoin challenges the real estate status quo offering free property listings both to owners and agents putting an end to the fragmented property offer for buyers. Its disruptive pay per click geo-based property listing auction system provides agents and owners with full listing position control and transparency on their marketing expenses and puts an end to unclear costs, fixed monthly fees and high commissions, the business model of the leading property rental and sales portals.

PGcoin is the result of dozens of years of combined experience in international real estate with the development of its platform starting in 2017. PGcoin already has a live version with over 1,000 Singaporean properties online, and we are ready to conquer the world.

Unlike many Block chain projects, we already have an established business model which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. We have already analyzed and uploaded multiple retail properties from various shopping streets onto our own global listing platform. Today we have already smashed through dozens of searches on the platform.

With our approach centered on Block chain technology, we will make today’s opaque property and service listings, data and contract market much more transparent, accessible and more secure than ever before.

Smart contracts will be used by PGcoin to support the buying and booking processes,allowingrealtimepublickey stampedrentaland to offer contracts. This will take away trust barriers and inefficient communication between thepartiesinvolved. Block chainbased property transfer is used in PGcoin technology to provide a future proof infrastructure for all parties involved.


IEO (Vindax Launchpad): Sep 22, 2020 - Oct 03, 2020
Token supply: 88,000,000 PGC
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 18,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2017
Office address: 1 Fullerton Road, #02-01, 78, One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

Token info

Ticker: PGC
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 PGC = 1.8 USD
Token price in BTC: 1 PGC = 0.00015387 BTC
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, Altcoins, Cash, Credit Card
Token distribution:
40% - Public contributors
25% - company reserve
25% - Founders & team
6% - Rewards
3% - Advisors
1% - Bounties
Funds allocation:
45$ - Platform Technical Development
25% - Marketing and International Expansion
10%- Integrations and Partnerships
15% - Operations
5% - Legal, accounting and advisors

Offices on the map

PGcoin Roadmap

2019 /

15 May 2020

Private Sale

15 July 2020

Presale 1

15 September 2020

Presale 2

30 November 2020

Presale 3

15 December 2020


31 December 2020

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Project team

Mark Yong
Mark Yong
Mark Yong linkedin
Dr Rajesh Nair
Dr Rajesh Nair
Co Founder
Dr Rajesh Nair linkedin
Windsor Ng
Windsor Ng
Chief Technology Officer


Shiao Chung Chiang
Shiao Chung Chiang
Chief Systems Analyst and Capital Markets Advisor
Eric Mah
Eric Mah
Chief Project Engineer and Technical Advisor
Frederik Lund
Frederik Lund
International Lawyer and Legal Advisor
Frederik Lund linkedin

Social media

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User rating:

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