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Play2Live platform introduces a full-blown ecosystem for eSports and gaming industries with a focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers, providing unqiue interactive opportunities for all participants of the ecosystem – eSports tournament organizers, the streamers and the viewers.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is Play2Live

Play2Live operates in eSports and gaming, Live and VOD broadcasting of the game content.

Each Play2Live user registered in the system has a cryptocurrency wallet powered by Level Up Coin (LUC) token.

Deployment of Play2Live CDN service on the platform contributes to the cost optimization of Play2Live as existing streaming platforms rely on centralized solutions.

The users of the Play2Live platform will be rewarded for sharing their internet channel via Play2Live network.

Play2Live features the referral system of work with publishers that will allow a streamer to run marketing campaigns that will be suggested by the publishers with a performance tracking system on all stages.



Pre-sales: Jan 26, 2018 - Feb 06, 2018
Public sales: Feb 21, 2018 - Mar 14, 2018
Token supply: 785280000
Soft cap: 3,000,000USD (fiat)
Raised: 30,000,000 USD


Bounty: 1%

Token info

Ticker: LUC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.050000 USD
Token price in BTC: 1 Token = 0.000071 BTC
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000820 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
Bonus program:
From 25th-30th January 30%
From 31th January-5th February 25%
From 21st - 23th February 10%
From 24th - 26th February 9%
From 27th February - 1st March 8%
From 2nd - 4th March 7%
From 5th - 6th March 6%
From 7th - 8th March 5%
From 9th - 10th March 4%
From 11th - 12th March 3%
13 March - 2%
14 March - 1%
Token distribution:
62.5% - Sold on the open market
11.1% - Reserve fund
10.4% - Founders and project team
7.8% - Partners of the project
7.2% - Advisory Board
1% - Bounty campaign
Funds allocation:
20% - Purchasing the right to broadcast esports tournaments
15% - Negotiating exclsuive broadcasting contracts with streamers
10% - Marketing
10% - Play2Live platform development
3% - Blockchain (Level Up Chain) development
3% - Legal fees
8% - Personnel expenses and other OPEX
10% - Administration and project team
3% - Outsourcing
18% - CDN and maintanance fees

Play2Live Roadmap


Initiation of Play2Live core back-end functionality, front-end layers, and blockchain system development. Setting up a marketing budget for streamers and tournament operators to promote within the platform.


Development of authentic features of Play2Live - totalizator, crowdfunding system, a system of interaction between viewers and streamers. MVP release and broadcast of CS:GO World Championship with offline final rounds at the stadium with 15,000 seats capacity


Integration with partner services agreed to cooperate with Play2Live including bookmakers. Setting up a marketing budget for acquiring rights to broadcast top eSports events and negotiating exclusive contracts with the most popular streamers of the well-established games such as CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch, PUBGs and others.


Integration of external projects in Level Up Chain. Broadcasting Dota 2 tournament on beta version of the platform. Broadcasting showmatches covering well-established games - CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch and others.


Focus on regional expansion and attracting top content providers: negotiating exclusive broadcasting contracts with Tier 1 tournament organizers as well as top 10 eSports teams and players to broadcast their content on the platform.

Project team

Alexey Burdyko
Alexey Burdyko
CEO & Founder
Alexey Burdyko linkedin
Dmitry Kochnev
Dmitry Kochnev
Dmitry Kochnev facebook
Inna Moroz
Inna Moroz
Inna Moroz linkedin
Peidy Hung
Peidy Hung
BDD Asia
Peidy Hung facebook
Orhan Zeynalli
Orhan Zeynalli
Blockchain CTO
Orhan Zeynalli linkedin
Alexey Kuznetsov
Alexey Kuznetsov
Lead developer streaming core
Alexey Kuznetsov linkedin
Maria Mavrekh
Maria Mavrekh
Maria Mavrekh facebook
Shepetov Denis
Shepetov Denis
Lead Developer streaming core
Shepetov Denis facebook
Vladislav Arbatov
Vladislav Arbatov
Head of data analysis department
Vladislav Arbatov facebook
Alekhin Evgeny
Alekhin Evgeny
Head of IR
Alekhin Evgeny linkedin
Alexey Galizdra
Alexey Galizdra
SMM lead
Alexey Galizdra linkedin
Arseny Strizhenok
Arseny Strizhenok
Marketing manager
Arseny Strizhenok facebook
Siarhei Medvedev
Siarhei Medvedev
Head of legal
Siarhei Medvedev facebook


Can Yang
Can Yang
VP of Global Business development of Imba TV, CBO of Team MVP
Can Yang linkedin
David Drake
David Drake
Managing Partner at LDJ LP Fund Investments
Aladin Ben
Aladin Ben
CEO and Founder, GAMIZ
Aladin Ben linkedin
Anton Agranovskiy
Anton Agranovskiy
President at Agranovsky IT
Anton Agranovskiy linkedin
Richard Kastelein
Richard Kastelein
Publisher, Entrepreneur, Tokonomist
Richard Kastelein linkedin
Victor Martyn
Victor Martyn
CEO and Founder, GosuGamers
Victor Martyn linkedin
Reuben Godfrey
Reuben Godfrey
Blockchain Association of Ireland Business Development, Director, Co-founder
Reuben Godfrey linkedin
Pavel Pogodin
Pavel Pogodin
Lawyer. Founder of AmBAR
Pavel Pogodin linkedin
Greg Limon
Greg Limon
Founder of Canada Capital Group inc
Greg Limon linkedin
Stan Milc
Stan Milc
Co-Founder, Planet Partners
Stan Milc linkedin

Social media

Play2Live web-sitePlay2Live MediumPlay2Live TelegramPlay2Live BTCTalkPlay2Live LinkedInPlay2Live TwitterPlay2Live Facebook

User rating:

4/5 ( 12 )

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