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The Rand App is a better place to store your savings! Store your savings in our Private Vaults and earn high recurring interest to cover all your monthly expenses and subscriptions.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeApp

What is Rand Network

Rand App is a personal finance booster that helps you pay for all your monthly expenses on autopilot. People hate spending money every month on subscriptions. You share multiple subscription accounts with your friends and family, think Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, to save money or because you share an address. These all add up each month and annually represent a big expense that has to be paid for.

By pooling your money with friends or family, you can make your money work harder. Rand Network connects people to produce returns in a way that is safe and also helps you save money rather than spend it.

The platform is entirely powered by our yield aggregator which enables us to produce interest with user's funds through different decentralized and centralized yield strategies.


IDO (Tokensoft Launchpad): May 05, 2022 - May 05, 2022
Token supply: 200,000,000 RND
Raised: 3,000,000 USD


Registration country: Spain
Office address: Plaça Pau Vila, número 1, oficina 2A2, 08039 Barcelona

Token info

Ticker: RND
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Accepted currencies: USDT, USDC, ETH
Token distribution:
Advisors - 4,0%
Preesale & Public - 17,9%
Early Backers - 10,0%
Founders / Team - 20,0%
Ecosystem - 48,1%
Funds allocation:
Team Growth - 15,0%
Rand Community - 5,0%
Safety Module - 15,0%
R&D - 10,0%
Legal - 5,0%
Marketing - 25,0%
Liquidity Reserves - 25,0%

Rand Network Roadmap

Q1 2022

Launch of MVP in testnet
Launch of App V1 for iOS and Android
Integration with FIAT on-ramp for Europe
Presale 2 round
Ambassadors program launch

Q2 2022

Expansion of FIAT on-ramp to South America
Token launch and listing phase start
Phase 1 of governance
Launch of Solo Vaults
Launch of Safety Module

Q3 2022

Phase 2 of governance
Launch of Community Public Vaults
Launch of V2, with 5/6 internal process on-chain
"The Randers" launch
Start 2nd phase of listing

Q4 2022

Expansion of FIAT on-ramp to most of Asia
Phase 3 of governance
Expansion phase & development of events pooling starts
Rand for institutions API launch
Launch of collective venture investment

Project team

Pol Martin
Pol Martin
Pol Martin linkedin
Oriol Segundo
Oriol Segundo
Oriol Segundo linkedin
Sergi Fernàndez
Sergi Fernàndez
Sergi Fernàndez linkedin
Michael Laurens
Michael Laurens
Michael Laurens linkedin
Lee Marreros
Lee Marreros
Blockchain Developer
Lee Marreros linkedin
Adrian Lenard
Adrian Lenard
Blockchain Developer
Adrian Lenard linkedin
John Stewart
John Stewart
Blockchain Developer
John Stewart linkedin
Guillermo Blanco
Guillermo Blanco
Full Stack Developer
Guillermo Blanco linkedin
Alexandre Hernández
Alexandre Hernández
Full Stack Developer
Alexandre Hernández linkedin
Ragner Azcué
Ragner Azcué
Art Director
Ragner Azcué linkedin
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia
Digital Marketing Manager
Brian Garcia linkedin
Miquel Trafí
Miquel Trafí
Digital Marketing Analyst
Miquel Trafí linkedin
Luis Gasca
Luis Gasca
Graphic Designer
Luis Gasca linkedin
Patricia Arro
Patricia Arro
Community Manager
Patricia Arro linkedin
CeAnn Simpson
CeAnn Simpson
Content Writer
CeAnn Simpson linkedin
Leandro Bonet
Leandro Bonet
Operations' Assistant
Leandro Bonet linkedin


Alex Puig
Alex Puig
Tech Advisor
Alex Puig linkedin
Dean Thomas
Dean Thomas
Fundrasing Advisor
Dean Thomas linkedin
Simon Schwerin
Simon Schwerin
Development Advisor
Simon Schwerin linkedin
Donald Gossen
Donald Gossen
Business Advisor

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