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Rango Exchange (RANGO)


Rango is the first and most intuitive UX that integrates multiple aggregators (e.g. 1Inch) with multiple X-Chain solutions (e.g. Thorchain) to provide best liquidity and optimized path in a secure and easy-to-use solution.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeProtocol
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What is Rango Exchange

Rango is going to be the best multi-chain go-to platform for DEXs and bridges all around the crypto world. It doesn’t matter where the user is and where he or she wants to go, Rango will be able to find the fastest, cheapest and the most secure route for him. We are currently supporting more than 20 blockchains, 10+ bridges/DEXs, and 6 different wallets, with the current most modern and user-friendly UX in the market.

Rango is a super aggregator, which can perform complex and multi-step swaps by combining all DEXs, bridges, and DEX aggregators around the DeFi world, including:

  • DEXs: Uniswap, Sushiswap, Bancor, etc.
  • DEX aggregators: 1inch, Matcha, etc.
  • Cross-Chain DEXs such as Thorchain.
  • Centralized/Decentralized Bridges: Binance Bridge, Terra Bridge, etc.

The ultimate vision is to become the go-to platform for DEX and bridges all around crypto. Users will be able to swap any asset in any blockchain to any other assets easily.


IDO (StarTerra Launchpad): May 11, 2022 - May 11, 2022
IDO (Thorstarter Launchpad): May 11, 2022 - May 11, 2022
IDO (Pylon Protocol): May 11, 2022 - May 11, 2022
IDO (Valkyrie Protocol): May 11, 2022 - May 11, 2022
Token supply: 100,000,000 RANGO


Blockchain Platform: Terra

Token info

Ticker: RANGO
Token distribution:
Team - 20%
Private Investors - 15%
IDO - 10%
Advisors - 1%
Airdrops - 5%
Liquidity Providers - 10%
Community Funds + Growth Incentives - 39%

Rango Exchange Roadmap

Q3 2021 - Q1 2022


  • 30 blockchains
  • 25+ services
  • 7 top wallets
Q2 2022
  • Solana launch
  • Juno launch
  • Terra super aggregator
  • 3 EVM chains
  • 5 Cosmos chains
  • Token IDO + airdrop
  • Rango SDK v2.0
Q3 2022
  • Polkadot, Kusama, cBridge/Thorchain aggregator contracts for single step swapping low cap coins
  • Connext, Hop protocol and more bridges
  • 3 new wallets
  • Rango widget for websites
  • Fee service to buy fees on other chains paying $Rango token
Q4 2022
  • Doge, Near, Cardano, LayerZero, Stargate
  • 8 new EVM/Cosmos/Polkadot Parachains
  • Enabling fee for trading and reducing number of steps for complex cross-chain trades and NFT
  • Governance
  • Buy-back and burn mechanism
  • Tons of hot chains, dexes, bridges, etc. based on 2023 market trends

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