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RealChat is a web3 messaging platform. We are dedicated to providing authentic, anonymous, and secure on-chain-verified messaging services for various social business & communities.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typeApp
FoundedHong Kong

What is Realchat

At RealChat, we're all about bringing you reliable, anonymous, and secure communication services. We've harnessed cutting-edge web3 technology to ensure your messages are trustworthy and safe!

  • Web3 Identity Recognition:
Get ready for an awesome decentralized identity (DID) that lets you build your reputation and earn points in the web3 world!
  • Powerful Community Operations Tools:
You'll love our fantastic community profile pages showcasing your community charm! With all-encompassing community management and business tools, running and organizing your community becomes a piece of cake! Developing your community has never been so easy!
  • Privacy is Paramount:
We use zero-knowledge proofs for all data interactions, so you can explore exclusive groups with the assurance that your privacy remains intact and secure!

Whether you're a trailblazer, financial expert, art enthusiast, or just a regular working soul, RealChat is your homie – your family! Come here to record and read amazing moments shared by like-minded people. Let's spark some real connections together!


Registration year: 2023

Realchat Roadmap

Q3 2023

Launch Android, iOS, and web apps with seamless multi-platform synchronization and strategic partnerships for widespread adoption.

Q4 2023

Enhance messaging with AI features and launch the marketplace for DID, establishing a presence in the DID market.

Q1 2024

Expand globally targeting high-growth markets and implement cross-chain support for seamless interoperability.

Q2 2024

Leveraging data insights for exponential growth, and establish Real protocol as a App benchmark for mass adoption.

Project team

Bussiness Owner
Head of Product & Design Team
Business Development Manager
Head of Dev. Team

Social media

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