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Review.Network (REW) ICO

Upcoming ICO
Token sale: Jun 01, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019

Review.Network is a decentralized market research and user reviews on the blockchain. Review.Network solving the problems of slow and expensive market research and unreliable reviews by directly rewarding users for their feedback.

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Hype score High
Risk score NA
Investment rating NA Review.Network (REW) ICO icobench 3.4 / 5 Review.Network (REW) ICO icomarks 9.5 / 10 Review.Network (REW) ICO trackico 5 / 5 Review.Network (REW) ICO icoholder 3.7 / 5
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Project industry Blockchain Infrastructure
Product type Platform
Founded Cyprus


As consumers in today’s globally connected world, we are undoubtedly spoiled with choices in virtually all aspects of our lives. From every-day decisions such as where to eat and shop, to big ticket decisions such as what car to buy and where to travel, there is an abundance of options and alternatives. To make our decision-making harder, we are inundated with information from far and wide. With the limited time we have, it is difficult to make an informed decision when we have no means of measuring the reliability of the information available. Through the Review.Network, our mission is to cut through all the noise to provide a trusted and meaningful source of data and feedback provided by its participants through a vetted and merit-based peer review network.

The Review.Network creates opportunities for participants to be rewarded with our tokens for providing genuine and quality feedback, and for validating another participants’ feedback. The Review.Network offers companies the ability to conduct targeted market research campaigns with the assurance of receiving accurate and authentic information. Our platform connects and aligns the interest of all parties, developing mutually beneficial relationships that creates a trusted and reliable review system. The platform operates through a validation mechanism with each additional review from existing and new participants reinforcing the authenticity and value of the platform.

Using blockchain technology, machine learning and data analytics, the Review.Network will revolutionize the market research and review industry. By creating a platform that incentivizes participants for providing genuine, unbiased and honest reviews, the platform establishes a reputation for meaningful and quality reviews that potential customers can trust. The companies involved will achieve greater response rates to market research initiatives, receive reliable and insightful information, and will be able accurately identify opportunities where value can be added.

Our goal is to establish a global platform that delivers quality, reliable and genuine reviews on products and services that is resistant to fraud and manipulation. The Review.Network is focused on creating a connected, trusted and open review community.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 1,600,000,000 REW
Total tokens for sale: 5,000,000,000 REW
Soft cap: 3,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 22,500,000 EUR


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA, Puerto Rico, South Korea, China
Registration country: Cyprus

Token info

Ticker: REW
Type: Utility-token
Token price in EUR: 1 REW = 0.01 EUR
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Bonus program:
Stage 1: Discount: 50%
Stage 2: Discount: 40%
Stage 3: Discount: 30%
Stage 4: Discount: 20%
Stage 5: Discount: 10%
Stage 6: Discount: 0%
Token distribution:
54% - Community
24% - Reward Pools
15% - Team & Advisors
5% - Reserves & Exchanges
2% - Bounty Campaign
Funds allocation:
40% - Research & Development
27% - Marketing
10% - Operations
6% - Business Development
5% - Security
5% - Legal & Financial
4% - Administration
3% - PR

Review.Network (REW) ICO Roadmap

Q3 2017

Researching and validating the idea.
Created the token economy.

Q4 2017

Raised over $1M in funding globally.
Developed a proof of concept.
Blockchain risk analysis.

Q1 2018

Develop a prototype.

Q2 2018

Road Shows.

Q3 2018

Private Sale.
Private alpha of the platform.

Q4 2018

Public Sale.
Beta version.

Q1 2019

Marketing & Development.

Q2 2019

Phase 1 complete - Market research and online review communities.

Q3 2019

User acquisition and platform optimization.

Q4 2019

Phase 2 complete - Advanced market research analysis.

Project team

Managing Partner and Co-Founder in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 1
Vuk Popovic
Managing Partner and Co-Founder
CEO and Co-Founder in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 2
Filip Karaicic
CEO and Co-Founder
CFO & Partner in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 3
Reinhard Fellmann
CFO & Partner
CMO in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 4
Matt Yanofsky
COO and Co-Founder in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 5
Petar Slovic
COO and Co-Founder
CTO and Co-Founder in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 6
Ivan Ciric
CTO and Co-Founder


Business Development Advisor & PartnerBusiness in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 7
Robert Golladay
Business Development Advisor & PartnerBusiness
Financial Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 8
Patrick Haller
Financial Advisor
Asset Tokenization Advisor, MVP Workshop in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 9
Ivan Bjelajac
Asset Tokenization Advisor, MVP Workshop
Blockchain Architecture Advisor, MVP Workshop in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 10
Malisa Pusonja
Blockchain Architecture Advisor, MVP Workshop
People and Performance Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 11
Kendall Herbert
People and Performance Advisor
Operations & Enablement Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 12
Gerard Agimatagi
Operations & Enablement Advisor
Strategy & Operations Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 13
Cris Misa
Strategy & Operations Advisor
Market Research Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 14
Christoph Irmer
Market Research Advisor
Blockchain Advisors in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 15
Blockchain Advisors
ICO Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 16
Timo Trippler
ICO Advisor
Blockchain Business Development Advisor in Review.Network (REW) ICO - 17
Bradley Zarich
Blockchain Business Development Advisor

Social media

Web-site Reddit Medium Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github


Google Play

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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