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A sex dating service based on a blockchain.

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Project industryAdult

Technical details

ETH-based blockchain, dPoS (delegated Proof of Stake).

What is Sexservice

Wallet, Explorer and Live node infrastructure are ready right now. Dating app is in progress. No emails or other IDs required. Decentralisation, Blockchain-proven Reputation System & Feedbacks. Two-step digital transactions dramatically Reduce Risks of Frauds and Violence against users.

Token info

Ticker: SSIO
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH
Token distribution:
Genesis block contains 50 000 000 SSIO tokens 55% is for Pre-ICO & ICOs crowdsale (27 500 000 SSIO) 20% is for women bounties program (10 000 000 SSIO) 10% is for contributors bounties (5 000 000 SSIO) 5% is for development team (2 500 000 SSIO) 10% is a system reserve (5 000 000 SSIO)

Sexservice Roadmap

2017 Q1

- February: Researching and forging conception
- March: First test-nodes deployment and concord

2017 Q2

- May: Service public announcement on
- June: Pre-ICO and bounties campaign started

2017 Q3

- July: Live node infrastructure deployment and testing
- August: SSIO Web Wallet release
- September: Transferring tokens to pre-ICO investors and contributors (bounties program obligation)
- September: First ICO ($1.7 per SSIO token

2017 Q4

- October: Company Scaling, Enhancing infrastructure
- November: SSIO Dating Web Application Alpha
- November: Full Node software packet distribution
- December: Second ICO ($5.3 per SSIO token)

2018 Q1

- January: Company Scaling, Enhancing infrastructure, Marketing Promotions
- February: SSIO Dating Web Application Beta
-March: Third ICO ($10 per SSIO token)

2018 Q2

- April: Injection of SSIO token on coin markets
- May: Wider marketing and media promotions
- June: SSIO Dating Web Application release

2018 Q3-Q4

Active worldwide markets expansion, making more and more users joining the service.

Social media

Sexservice web-siteSexservice BTCTalk

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