Skale Network: The Fastest Layer-2 Solution


The Skale Network is an Ethereum sidechain operating on Layer-2, providing a unique solution for scaling the blockchain. Here are some key features and advantages of the Skale Network:

  1. High performance: Skale Network can process up to 2,000 transactions per second, significantly increasing network bandwidth and enhancing the user experience. Achieving such high performance on a Layer-2 project is challenging but is made easy to use and scalable.
  2. Low fees: Leveraging ZK-Rollup’s zero-knowledge proof technology, transaction fees on the Skale Network remain low, making the platform more accessible to users. All rollups are performed within the ecosystem without any software modification. Accordingly, the system turns ZKR into modules that interact seamlessly.
  3. Levitation protocol: This solution allows devs to create and manage decentralized applications on the sidechain. The Levitation Protocol facilitates network interaction with dApps and improves their performance. Multiple ZKRs can work on the same chain with a common transaction registry, significantly enhancing security at all levels and subgroups.

Advantages of the Skale Network Project

The Skale Network project offers several advantages, including high performance, low fees, and Levitation Protocol, which provides convenient tools for developing decentralized applications. In other words, this solution is not only unique but also provides advanced users with valuable tools.


Among the drawbacks, the project is still in the development stage, and widespread adoption may take time. This is a common issue for most Layer-2 projects, significantly slowing the development of the entire cryptocurrency segment.

Trading Perspective

From a trading perspective, the Skale Network token, trading under the ticker SKL, usually shows good trading volume and stable pricing, making it convenient for automated trading. However, like all cryptocurrencies, its price is subject to volatility and depends on the overall market sentiment. Currently, the price is holding near the important support level of $0.05000. The general trend in the cryptocurrency market is declining, affecting the SLK. Despite this, the potential for growth remains high. As the project is in active development, its value could increase significantly. However, it first needs to break through the local resistance at $0.07000 and consolidate between this level and the resistance around $0.12000 before moving to higher highs.

In a less favorable scenario, the price may get stuck in consolidation between $0.05000 and $0.07000. In the worst case, it could drop to $0.04000 and below.

Overall, the Skale Network is an exciting project that offers innovative and effective solutions for scaling the blockchain and developing decentralized applications. Its uniqueness lies in its combination of high performance, low fees, and the Levitation Protocol, making it attractive to both blockchain developers and users.

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