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SocialRemit (CSR) ICO

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Jul 16, 2018 – Jan 16, 2019

SocialRemit is a platform which provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools.

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Hype score High
Risk score NA
Investment rating NA SocialRemit (CSR) ICO icobench 4 / 5 SocialRemit (CSR) ICO icomarks 9.5 / 10 SocialRemit (CSR) ICO trackico 4.3 / 5 SocialRemit (CSR) ICO icoholder 3.7 / 5
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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type Platform


SocialRemit is a platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools based on blockchain and impact in a positive way on society through the collaborative economy that aims to build decentralized autonomous platforms of high efficiency, betting that the participating community gets involved in the projects it finances, which will also serve to establish a structure for social marketing and promotion, where each project can be spread in the media, to take advantage over the competition between the highlighted projects and obtain financing from other users. The CSR tokens are exclusive to SocialRemit and can be used once the platform is live and exchange for tokens of internal services EaD.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 300,000,000

Token info

Ticker: CSR
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 CSR = 0.4 USD
Bonus program:
- First Month PRE-ICO 10% of the tokens with a bonus of 60%
- Second Month ICO Bonus of 25%
- Third Month ICO Bonus of 15 %
- Fourth Month ICO Bonus of 10%
- Fifth Month ICO Bonus of 7% - Sixth Month ICO Bonus of 3%
Token distribution:
5% - Team
5% - Advisors
60% - General sale of tokens
16.66% - Advisor
13.34% - Other

SocialRemit (CSR) ICO Roadmap

Q3 2017

Concept Design.
Inception of original idea.
Exploration of blockchain ecosystem to identify suitable core technologies.
Creation of corporate image of the project n brands.
Okay Money Transfer (remittance sending).
S1W (Crypto Exchange and Global crowdfunding real-estate tourist Investments).

Q4 2017

Legal and Technical talent attraction started.
Seed phase lead by private investors.
Opening of the development offices.

Q1 2018

Legal Structure (Campmany Asesores Sl Barcelona Spain)
Advice for the implementation of blockchain technology in the European legal framework.
Beginning of the constitution of companies.
SocialRemit Blockchain Networks LTD, Okay Money Transfer, S1W in United Kingdom, Spain and Malta.
High level, service-oriented architectural planning of the Okay Money Transfer and S1W Platform.

Q2 2018

Technical Specification.
Creation of the Tokens ERC20: SRT and private commercialization of 50 million tokens.
Developed the application 1.0 Home Valuation Algorithm.
Exploratory data and feasibility analysis.
Initiate large-scale marketing campaign.
Token Pre-sale.

Q3 2018

Public Token Sale (ICO).
Develop 2.0 Application. Obtain legal and regulatory licenses.

Q1 2019

Start the application 2.0
Begin incremental launch of the Okay Money Transfer and S1W Platform.

Q2 2019

S1W Crypto Exchange Launch.

Q3 2019

Sw1 global crowdfunding real-estate Tourist Investments.


Financial expert in SocialRemit (CSR) ICO -
Rahim Shaker
Financial expert

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User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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