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STO | Globally compliant multi-asset DEX & token issuance platform capable of trading and listing crypto assets, tokenized equities, ETFs, STOs, etc.

Seed round: $6.5 million

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi
FoundedUnited States

What is

SOMA is a FINRA-licensed and SEC-regulated multi-asset AMM and compliant token issuance platform for tokenized equities, crypto assets, STOs, and NFTs. SOMA will consist of a multi-asset automated market maker (AMM) trading platform where users can seamlessly trade a variety of asset classes against one another, such as tokenized versions of US equities/ETFs and ETH or stablecoins using a shared liquidity pool (LP) where both retail and institutional players can partake, as well as a compliant token issuance platform that allows for Reg D/S/A+/CF launches enabling issuers to compliantly raise capital from both retail and institutional players globally. As opposed to synthetic equities, users on SOMA actually own the underlying assets (1–1 backed).

Users are also able to utilize their LP liquidity tokens to then be able to yield farm a number of different assets including stablecoins, the SOMA token, and even a mixed bag of stablecoins, tokenized securities, and SOMA. Being able to compliantly earn yield on, trade, and take part of newly issued tokenized securities and crypto assets, is the first to truly bring DeFi to TradFi across a global retail and institutional market.


Token supply: 88,888,888 SOMA
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Raised: 6,500,000 USD


Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 430 Park Avenue 19th Floor New York, New York 10022

Token info

Ticker: SOMA
Token price in USD: 1 SOMA = 2.25 USD
Token distribution:
T&A - 5%
Seed Round + Extension - 6.75%
Liquidity Round - 8.7%
Public Sale Reg CF + ZENDIT - 2.5%
OM Staking Airdrop - 4%
SOME Staking Rewards - 5%
SOMA LP Staking Rewarws - 30%
Reserve Pool - 19%
Liquidity Provision - 4.5%
BD Licence Fee - 4% Roadmap

2nd half of 2021
  • MANTRA DAO & Tritaurian Capital create joint venture partnership to launch
  • Complete seed round fund raising
  • Acquire Reg CF (Crowdfunding) licence to access US retail investors
1st half of 2022
  • Complete liquidity round fund raising
  • Launch v1 platform with tokenized equities, cryptos, ETFs & fiat on/off ramps
  • Integrate DeFi yield farming functionalities
  • Broaden MTL coverage
  • Issue first regulated security token on SOMA platform
2nd half of 2022
  • Expand product offering with commodities, precious metals, options & futures
  • Facilitate margin loans & lending
  • Integrate additional blockchain networks including Polygon, Solana & MANTRA DAO Polkadot parachain
  • Acquire New York BitLicense

Project team

William Heyn
William Heyn
William Heyn linkedin
John Patrick Mullin
John Patrick Mullin
John Patrick Mullin linkedin
Will Corkin
Will Corkin
Will Corkin linkedin
James Preissler
James Preissler
James Preissler linkedin
Rodrigo Quan Miranda
Rodrigo Quan Miranda
Rodrigo Quan Miranda linkedin
Ken Norensberg
Ken Norensberg
Ken Norensberg linkedin
Virgil Chan
Virgil Chan
Virgil Chan linkedin
Jayant Ramanand
Jayant Ramanand
Jayant Ramanand linkedin
Lachlan Greenbank
Lachlan Greenbank
Lachlan Greenbank linkedin
Sukhraj Ghuman
Sukhraj Ghuman
Sukhraj Ghuman linkedin
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Ben Smith linkedin
Brian Norman
Brian Norman
Brian Norman linkedin
Stephen Peepels
Stephen Peepels
Stephen Peepels linkedin

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