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A complete, stand-alone ordering and payment solution that enables any internet-connected space to accept payments in Bitcoin

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What is SwishCoin

- A hybrid shop-n-pay software for brick-and-mortar venues featuring an online smartphone (or tablet) POS terminal. Swish increases effective floor space and reduces operational strain during peak times - Geared towards small to medium-sized brick-and-mortar merchants who are more agile and able to implement new technology into their workflow. Improving the ordering and paying experience for customers is a huge add in value

Token info

Ticker: SWH
Accepted currencies: BTC
Token distribution:
51% ownership of distributed autonomous organization. 49% of Swish Coins will be reserved for the original development team, advisors, bounties and the earliest adopters/contributors. Coin supply - 10,000,000 Swish Coins. The funds accumulated during the ICO will be distributed according to the following schedule: - Localization of the product (languages, local payments, local marketing): 50% - Dev team HR & administration: 5% - Building the DApp & ICO marketing support: 15% - Global product launch marketing campaign: 30%

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