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Ta-da connects businesses who needs datasets for AI trainings with individuals who could earn tokens by recording and checking voice data through fun and engaging app.

Funding Round: $3.5M

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage / AI & Neural Networks
Product typeMarketplace
WhitepaperTa-da White Paper Open

What is Ta-da

Ta-da is a Talk-to-Earn web3 app that connects businesses and individuals. Users record their voices through an engaging app to earn tokens. Vivoka, an AI company from France, is the predecessor of Ta-da.

Ta-da organises crowds of users around your needs: high quality data at a fair price with ethical Human In The Loop processes.

The goal is to make it easier for AI companies to create high-quality data sets at scale and at an affordable price.


IDO (xLaunchpad Launchpad): Jan 03, 2024 - Feb 09, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 TADA
Total tokens for sale: 275,700,000 TADA
Hard cap: 8,050,000 USD
Raised: 6,950,000 USD


Registration country: France
Registration year: 2022
Office address: 7 Bd Solidarité, 57070 Metz

Token info

Ticker: TADA
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ESDT
Token price in USD: 1 TADA = 0,022 USD
Token distribution:
5% - Public Sale
13.43% - Community
13% - Ecosystem
20% - Treasury
17% - Team
5% - Advisors
22.57% - Previous Rounds
4% - Growth

Ta-da Roadmap

Q4 2021: Launch
  • Team recruitment, drafting of specifications, initial design and development.
Q2 2023: Alpha
  • Development of a first version with integration of the business logic of data production and verification.
Q3 2023: Beta
  • Development of a second, improved version in private beta access with a large community.
  • Completion of the first 2.5 million tasks.
  • Onboarding of the first real customers and production of data under real conditions.
Q4 2023: Prize pool
  • Implementation of the new cash distribution system.
  • Development of gamification foundations.
Q1 2024: Launchpad
  • Release of the token on the market.
  • First listing on a CEX.
Q2 2024: App Launch
  • Release of the first version of Ta-da.
Q2 2024: Items
  • Implementation of an item-based gamification system.
  • Release of the in-app marketplace.
Q2 2024: Tadz
  • Our robot comes to life and integrates the mobile application.
Q3 2024: Leagues
  • Alone against all! Compete against other players to reach the highest levels and earn more rewards.
Q3 2024: Factions
  • You're not alone anymore! Join one of the factions and fight against the others.
  • Earn rewards as you advance your faction.
Q4 2024: Guilds
  • Invite your friends and choose your best partners to create a guild and earn greater rewards!

Project team

William Simonin
William Simonin
William Simonin linkedin
Valentin Thouron
Valentin Thouron
Valentin Thouron linkedin
Florian Guichon
Florian Guichon
Florian Guichon linkedin
Eric Arnould
Eric Arnould
Eric Arnould linkedin
Alexandre Copper
Alexandre Copper
Head of Sales
Alexandre Copper linkedin
Pierre Manuel Salvadori
Pierre Manuel Salvadori
Head of Community
Pierre Manuel Salvadori linkedin
Valentin Laurent
Valentin Laurent
Frontend Manager
Valentin Laurent linkedin
Olivier Plessis
Olivier Plessis
Flutter Developer
Quentin Muhl
Quentin Muhl
Quentin Muhl linkedin
Nicolas Lemaire
Nicolas Lemaire
Backend Manager
Anthony Thiery
Anthony Thiery
Smart Contract Manager
Anthony Thiery linkedin
Thierry Masumbuko
Thierry Masumbuko
Python Developer
Thierry Masumbuko linkedin
Rayane Smaili
Rayane Smaili
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Rayane Smaili linkedin

Social media

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