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Thorstarter (XRUNE)

THORSTARTER is a protocol for relaying liquidity between THORChain network and long tail crypto assets. XRUNE is the settlement currency between new projects (IDOs) and THORChains’ active pools. XRUNE is here to power the next generation of ThorFi.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi

What is Thorstarter

XRUNE will act as a settlement currency between new projects (IDOs) and Thorchains’ active pools. Each IDO on Thorstarter will bring new users to the Thorchain network, deepening liquidity in both RUNE and XRUNE pools and, in turn, strengthening the security of the Thorchain network.

In this way, we believe that the existing functionality of XRUNE can be used to power the next generation of ThorFi.


Public sales: Jun 29, 2021 - Jun 29, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 XRUNE
Total tokens for sale: 150,000,000 XRUNE

Token info

Ticker: XRUNE
Token price in USD: 1 XRUNE = 0.01 USD
Token distribution:
15.0% - Operational Treasury
7.5% - Community Treasury
27.5% - Ecosystem Fund
50.0% - Protocol Emissions

Thorstarter Roadmap

Phase 1: dApp Build and Launch DAO

The first phase of Thorstarter development is currently underway. The project will entail a forked version of ASGARDEX with specific features kept in tact, and others omitted. The end user will arrive at the Thorstarter website and be able to choose from the app (UI to swap between assets), available IDO projects, token farms, governance, FAQs, and other pertinent information. Thorstarter’s Aragon Company DAO contracts will be launched, and the Council of Asgard will be elected by the DAO.

Phase 2: IDOs and DEX Improvements

The second phase of Thorstarter development will include upgrades to the Thorstarter swapping functionality and UI, integrating with XDEFI and other chains, and launching IDOs. The IDO launch contracts will be able to be upgraded and modified over time, as the feature suite is rolled out. Thorstarter will launch with a plan to IDO 1-2 projects per month for the first several months.

Phase 3: Ongoing IDOs and Protocol Work

The third phase of Thorstarter development will refine the cross-chain IDO model. Further, protocol work will focus on partnering with existing projects to tap into XRUNE-RUNE liquidity regardless of whether or not they IDO on Thorstarter. This has the added benefit of bringing additional buying power to XRUNE as a means to tap into RUNE cross-chain liquidity. Projects which may wish to access Throchain liquidity but not IDO will be able to do so based on integrations during this phase.


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