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Tradetomato is a next-gen trade and portfolio automation platform set to redefine how you manage your crypto finances.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform
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What is Tradetomato

Tradetomato is a next-gen trade and portfolio automation platform set to redefine how you manage your crypto finances. Powered by the Tradetomato token (TTM) and featuring a core built on AI and machine learning, Tradetomato enables anyone from beginners to seasoned traders to automate their crypto portfolio across wallets, exchanges, and financial crypto services.

Unique features

  • Multi-step modular trading algorithms, a paradigm shift in trading bots.
  • A dynamic social marketplace for ready-to-go trading algorithms, tools, copy trading, signals, and more.
  • AI controllers and machine learning models that equip algorithms with predictive power and continuous learning.
  • Extensive portfolio management tools and tracking across exchanges and wallets.
  • Advanced tools including backtesting, automatic strategy optimization, and market replays.
  • A fully customizable trading terminal to trade and manage assets across exchanges and wallets.
  • Data on demand including aggregate pricing, live indicator output, and machine learning model forecasts.
  • Custom alpha-focused trading algorithms and signals for businesses.
  • Beginner friendly - easily get started with templates, marketplace content, and interactive documentation to kickstart your trading.

Tradetomato's vision is to serve as a unified connection and automation layer between financial crypto services and ecosystems, creating integrations with: centralized/decentralized exchanges, wallets, (NFT) marketplaces, lending protocols, (automated) trading vaults, portfolio management tools, trading bot/algorithm providers, and more.


IDO (Decubate Launchpad): Oct 17, 2023 - Oct 17, 2023
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 TTM


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration country: Netherlands
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam, South Holland 3013 AK, NL

Token info

Ticker: TTM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 TTM = 0,01 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD
Token distribution:
Treasury - 12.00%
Team - 8.00%
Marketing - 13.00%
Staking + Liquidity - 14.00%
Partners - 4.00%
Ecosystem - 25.00%
Advisors - 4.00%
Public - 1.00%
KOL - 0.60%
Private - 2.50%
Seed - 7.15%
Angel - 8.75%

Tradetomato Roadmap

2021 Q3
  • Performance screen
  • User authentication
  • Paper trading on Binance
  • New indicators and trading pairs
  • Filters and Profit Guards
  • Launch MVP and Discord community
  • Invite multiple rounds of alpha testers
2021 Q4
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Implemented redesigned branding guide
  • Improve performance screen (current position, Tradingview chart)
  • Add sub-positions and linked modules to algorithm builder
  • Improve platform performance
  • New indicators and tools
  • New trading pairs
  • Platform documentation
2022 Q1
  • Launch of closed alpha
  • Algorithm builder redesign
  • Algorithm preset templates
  • Marketplace tab
  • Optimizations of UX based on user testing
  • New dashboard widgets
  • New indicators, filters, and tools
  • New trading pairs
2022 Q2
  • Brand new Portfolio page
  • New sign-up and log-in experience
  • Implement support for paper trading balances and connections
  • Algorithm builder improvements
  • Migrated to a multi-regional infrastructure with greatly increased capacity
  • Set up regionally distributed low latency clusters for close proximity to exchange endpoints, improving algorithm latency and performance
  • Security upgrades (including Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • UI improvements (including navigation menu, tooltips and change log)
2022 Q3
  • Public launch of open alpha
  • Website redesign
  • Brand rework
  • Algorithm builder overhaul
  • User interface redesign
  • Improved user experience (standalone modules, automatic algorithm grouping, simplified module builder)
  • Reworked module performance screen
  • Multiple expression support for indicators
  • New platform theme (light)
  • New indicators
  • Support chat
2022 Q4
  • Module backtesting
  • Condition-based module dependencies
  • Automatic algorithm formation
  • Improved module performance insights
  • New indicators, filters, and tools
  • Market data ingest, aggregation, and delivery service
  • Reworked onboarding flow
  • Platform documentation
  • Base implementation of Marketplace
  • Exchange API key management
  • Introduced user account types
2023 Q1
  • Live trading on Binance
  • User exchange balances
  • Real-time module status updates
  • Connection IP whitelisting
  • Order chart for Spot Trader insights
  • New indicators, filters, and tools, including candlestick patterns
  • Dashboard widgets for live trading
  • Backtesting v2 (incl. increased selection range, performance reporting)
  • Marketplace v2 (incl. updated UI, new templates & modules)
  • Tradetomato Academy
2023 Q2
  • Configuration library
  • Module builder v2
  • Multi-region algorithms
  • New exchange integration (Kraken)
  • New indicators and tools
  • New marketplace templates
  • Sub-positions for live connections
  • Dependencies for live connections
  • Unified integration core for centralized services and applications
2023 Q3
  • KuCoin integration
  • Bybit integration
  • Bitget integration
  • integration
  • Module: config switcher
  • Module builder v2 (incl. redesigned interface and new conditions editor)
  • Conditions library
  • Web3 log in (wallet connect)
  • Backtesting v3 (incl. updated UI, insights, and execution speed)
  • Brand rework (logo, mascot, website)
2023 Q4
  • TTM token IDO & TGE
  • Tier-based platform access using TTM
  • Token interaction page (vesting, staking)
  • Marketplace: fee settlement in TTM
  • Module: machine learning forecaster
  • Module: signal generator
  • Telegram bot
  • Machine learning module optimizer
  • Dashboard v2 (incl. multiple layouts and new widgets)
  • Marketplace v3 (incl. algorithms, tools and dashboard widgets)
  • Quest center (incl. referral system)
  • Filters (create your own tools)
  • Platform alerts
2024 Q1
  • Trading terminal
  • Module: grid trader
  • Automated trading vaults
  • Marketplace: creator profiles
  • Marketplace: creator module submission
  • Marketplace: copy trading
  • Marketplace creator reward system
  • New exchange integrations (to be announced)
  • New partner integrations (to be announced)
  • New dashboard widgets (to be announced)
  • New modules (to be announced)
  • TradingView integration
  • B2B Algorithms & Signals
  • Ambassador program
2024 Q2 and beyond
  • AI trading assistant
  • Real time trading (sub 1-min timeframes)
  • TomatoScript building blocks
  • Marketplace: creator API
  • AI module controllers
  • New exchange integrations (to be announced)
  • New modules (to be announced)
  • New partner integrations (to be announced)
  • New dashboard widgets (to be announced)
  • New indicators, filters, and tools (to be announced)
  • External signal API
  • Paid data feeds
  • Dashboard API (for external use)
  • Market profile anomaly detection
  • Platform gamification
  • Bug bounty program
  • Global presence, awareness, and expansion
  • And a whole lot more!

Project team

Silas Voerman
Silas Voerman
Founder & CEO
Silas Voerman linkedin
Robin Slakhorst
Robin Slakhorst
Robin Slakhorst linkedin
Timothy van der Bliek
Timothy van der Bliek
Full Stack Developer
Timothy van der Bliek linkedin
Almer van der Staaij
Almer van der Staaij
UX & Front-end Developer
Almer van der Staaij linkedin
Juan Rivas
Juan Rivas
Full Stack Developer
Juan Rivas linkedin
Bartek Piaskowski
Bartek Piaskowski
Back-end Developer
Bartek Piaskowski linkedin
Rohit Nekkanti
Rohit Nekkanti
Back-end Developer
Rohit Nekkanti linkedin
Mati Polak
Mati Polak
Marketing Lead
Mati Polak linkedin
Sedale Wijngaarde
Sedale Wijngaarde
Marketing & Community
Sedale Wijngaarde linkedin


Ad van Kemenade
Ad van Kemenade
Ad van Kemenade linkedin
Martijn Don
Martijn Don
Martijn Don linkedin
Ivo Teel
Ivo Teel
Ivo Teel linkedin
Tjebbe Mobach
Tjebbe Mobach
Tjebbe Mobach linkedin
Elliot Hagemeijer
Elliot Hagemeijer
Elliot Hagemeijer linkedin
Jay Maree
Jay Maree
Jay Maree linkedin

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