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Trex20 (TX20)


TREX20 is leading a revolution in GameFi by leveraging the Bitcoin Protocol, offering multiple games, an NFTFi Marketplace for borrowing, lending, and trading NFTs, along with a progressive lotto, all within a single platform.

Funding Round: $1 Million

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperTrex20 White Paper Open

What is Trex20

Trex20 is not just a platform; it’s a paradigm shift in GameFi, offering a seamless blend of gaming, NFTs, and decentralized finance. With its innovative features and commitment to community engagement, Trex20 is poised to redefine the landscape of blockchain gaming and NFT marketplaces, empowering users and creators alike.

Trex20 Lotto boasts a variety of features to keep things exciting:

  • Weekly Draws: Participate in regularly scheduled draws for a chance to win incredible prizes. Purchase tickets within the specified timeframe and see if your numbers match the lucky draw!
  • Progressive Jackpot: Witness the prize pool grow bigger with every ticket purchase. A portion of each wager contributes to the jackpot, creating a tempting incentive for players and the potential for life-changing wins.
  • Community Free Lotto: Work together! Participate in collaborative activities to unlock a free lotto draw. By inviting new members, sharing content, or completing specific tasks, you and the community contribute to a shared goal and get rewarded with a free shot at winning.


IDO (Vulturepeak Launchpad): Apr 01, 2024 - Apr 03, 2024
IDO (Seedify Launchpad (Public)): Apr 06, 2024 - Apr 07, 2024
IDO (Seedify Launchpad (Private)): Apr 06, 2024 - Apr 07, 2024
IDO (Finceptor Launchpad): Apr 08, 2024 - Apr 09, 2024
IDO (Poolz Launchpad): Apr 08, 2024 - Apr 08, 2024
Token supply: 100,000,000 TX20
Raised: 1,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2024

Token info

Ticker: TX20
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TX20 = 0.042 USD
Token distribution:
Seed Round - 10.00%
Private Round - 15.00%
Strategic Round - 4.64%
Pre-Public Round - 7.50%
Public Round - 17.86%
Liquidity - 20.0%
Team - 8.0%
Advisor - 3.0%
Ecosystem/Staking Reward - 14.0%

Trex20 Roadmap

Q4 2023
  • Team Formation
  • Idea Conceptualization
  • Product Development
Q1 2024
  • Website Live and Branding
  • Social Media, Cross-channel Integration
  • Season 1 TREX Game Launch
  • TREX NFT Launch
  • NFTFi Development
Q2 2024
  • NFT borrowing and lending for TREX NFT
  • Marketplace Internal Testings
  • TREX Cross-chain
  • TREX Staking
  • NFTFi Launch
Q3 2024
  • Marketplace Beta Launch
  • Lotto Betta Launch
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Season 2 Game Launch
  • DAO Governance Development
Q4 2024
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Lotto Launch
  • Platform Expansion

Project team

Rangjung D
Rangjung D
Marketing Lead
Rangjung D linkedin
Vamshi Simha Vujini
Vamshi Simha Vujini
Game Developer
Vamshi Simha Vujini linkedin
Kin. D
Kin. D
Team Lead
Kin. D linkedin
Roba Nath Basnet
Roba Nath Basnet
Technical Lead | Blockchain Developer
Roba Nath Basnet linkedin

Social media

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