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Ultiverse revolutionizes Web3 gaming with an AI-driven production and publishing platform, merging advanced AI with blockchain technology to lead the industry’s evolution. Dedicated to transforming gaming experiences and boosting values, it builds an ecosystem and offers tools that enhance creation, engagement, and technological integration across different blockchains.

Seed Round: $4.5 Million

Investment: $5 Million

Strategic Round: $4 Million

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeMetaverse
WhitepaperUltiverse White Paper Open

What is Ultiverse

Ultiverse is pioneering a revolutionary approach to digital interaction by creating an expansive gaming world, profoundly integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and underpinned by blockchain technology. This ambitious project aims to redefine the realm of digital possibilities, drawing inspiration from the immersive worlds of iconic movies like "Ready Player One," "Free Guy," and "Westworld." However, it transcends these inspirations by incorporating cutting-edge blockchain technology, thereby crafting not just a game but a holistic digital society.

At its core, Ultiverse is designed to empower users to conceive, create, and inhabit digital realms that are as immersive and engaging as any seen in popular culture, but with the added dimensions and benefits of AI and blockchain integration. This integration allows for the creation of on-chain games, the utilization of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the development of Decentralized Applications (DApps), and the establishment of a comprehensive media matrix. These elements collectively form the backbone of Ultiverse, offering users a wide array of interactive, creative, and economic opportunities within a singular, unified digital ecosystem.

The vision of Ultiverse is to cultivate a digital society where users can play, create, and connect in myriad ways. This society is not just a platform for entertainment but a space where creativity is incentivized and valued, and where the boundaries between virtual and real-world value blur. By leveraging large language models, Ultiverse introduces the first AI Protocol, enhancing product design and expediting the creation of a self-sustaining AI gaming world. This protocol is a cornerstone in realizing the vision of a gaming world that is not only vast and engaging but also intelligent and responsive.


IEO (OKX Jumpstart): Jun 03, 2024 - Jun 06, 2024
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 ULTI
Total tokens for sale: 150,000,000 ULTI
Raised: 15,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: ULTI
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
46.00% - Community / Ecosystem
20.00% - Investors
17.00% - Core contributors
8.00% - Airdrop
3.00% - Jumpstart
3.00% - Liquidity
3.00% - Advisory

Ultiverse Roadmap

H2, 2023
  • Launch of Bodhi AI Protocol: This includes the integration of AI and Web3 assets and introduces the concept of a "World Book," allowing all products within the ecosystem to merge into a single, comprehensive worldview.
  • Provision of a Complete Gaming SDK: Introduction of various Web2 game types, including but not limited to CCG, RPG, PTW, etc. This also involves acquiring over 1 million real users for the platform by integrating third-party games.
  • Refine NFT Asset Interaction Rules: Establishing rules for NFT asset interactions to fully integrate assets like ES, Moonlight, and other ecosystem products, and to clarify the rights and benefits of NFT holders.
H1, 2024
  • Launch of the Ultiverse Main World: This marks the official opening of the Ultiverse World Book. The main world will support millions of users online simultaneously, enable blockchain-based interactions, and through the support of self-developed large models, each user's interaction has the potential to alter the overall storyline of the world.
  • Launch of Terminus PC and Vision Pro Versions: By combining VR and AI, these versions aim to immerse users in the entire Ultiverse world, enhancing their understanding and experience of its allure.
  • Formation of an Alliance of Ecosystem Partners: This involves surrounding AI and Web3 gaming; onboarding and transforming Web2 companies with a large user base for mass adoption of Web3.
H2, 2024
  • Launch of the Ultiverse Gaming Launchpad: This platform aims to support and promote AI gaming within the Ultiverse ecosystem.
  • Launch of the Ultiverse Rollup Project: This rollup project aims to enhance interoperability & customization for the Ultiverse AI gaming ecosystem.

Project team

Yue (Frank) MA
Yue (Frank) MA
Yue (Frank) MA linkedin
Jimmy Liu
Jimmy Liu
Jimmy Liu twitter
Sky Sun
Sky Sun
Karl Li
Karl Li
Co-Founder & CTO
Joe Zhou
Joe Zhou
Chief Marketing Officer
Cipher Liao
Cipher Liao
Chief Producer
Wendell Li
Wendell Li
Raymond Wang
Raymond Wang

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