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Vinci Protocol is the first cross-chain suite of inscription and NFT developer tools and data services supporting BRC20/CBRC20. Integrated with Bitcoin, Solana, Arbitrum and all EVMs.

Seed Round Fundraising: $2.1 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
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What is Vinci Protocol

Vinci protocol is designed to offer a comprehensive set of developer tools and data services for inscription and NFT projects. With Vinci, developers can integrate inscription and NFT solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Our suite of solutions includes inscription and NFT finance, oracle, governance, and marketplace, providing everything developers need to create inscription and NFT applications in minutes.

Our solutions include finance, oracle, governance, and marketplace.

  • Vinci Finance: Vinci Protocol provides inscription and NFT backed DeFi solutions designed for boosting liquidity.
  • Vinci Oracle: Vinci Protocol enables inscription and NFT data oracles to provide inscription prices and NFT on-chain floor prices.
  • Vinci Governance: Vinci will provide a tokenized guild tool for Web3 builders to manage the membership for their communities automatically. With Vinci, the Web3 builds could create an exclusive guild for their loyal community members with inscription and NFT issuing and gating techniques.
  • Vinci Marketplace: Vinci will create a smart marketplace SDK so the Web3 builders can easily integrate to provide a self-holding commerce interface to serve the inscription and NFT trading economy they are building. They could easily customize the interface UI, auction rules, transaction fees, loyalty fees, and trading services.


IDO (Fjord Foundry LBP): Feb 13, 2024 - Feb 16, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 VCI
Raised: 2,100,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: VCI
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
Angel Round - 6.0%
Seed Round - 8.0%
Public Sale - 10.0%
Liquidity - 30.0%
Incentives - 20%
Ecosystem Fund - 16.0%
Team & Advisors - 10.0%

Vinci Protocol Roadmap

Phase 1 | BTC/ETH Focus

Building secure and scalable inscription and NFT services for the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem.

Phase 2 | Chain-agnostic

Expanding the inscription and NFT APIs and SDK to serve high-growth public chains.

Phase 3 | DAO Governance

Creating a community-driven management system to self-iterate the protocol.

Project team

Florian Jersch
Florian Jersch
Florian Jersch linkedin
Ruvini Uthpala
Ruvini Uthpala
Ruvini Uthpala linkedin
Maks Nedobor
Maks Nedobor
Maks Nedobor linkedin
Bobby Lau
Bobby Lau
Merthan Kale
Merthan Kale
Community Director


Andreas Aschenbrenner
Andreas Aschenbrenner
Andreas Aschenbrenner linkedin
Vladan Falcic
Vladan Falcic
Vladan Falcic linkedin
Ben Lakoff
Ben Lakoff
Ben Lakoff linkedin
Sebastian Ruschel
Sebastian Ruschel
Sebastian Ruschel linkedin
William De’Ath
William De’Ath
William De’Ath linkedin
Jure Mornar
Jure Mornar
Jure Mornar linkedin
Shashwat Eternal
Shashwat Eternal
Shashwat Eternal linkedin

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