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Decentralized video sharing platform.The platform will reward authors, users and advertisers alike, while eliminating middlemen and access restrictions altogether.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure

Technical details

ERC-20 based token

What is Viuly

  • Users are rewarded for viewing videos: User attention is the most valuable resource on the Viuly video platform, and it is rewarded! Any registered user who has watched a video, will get from 25% to 95% of the funds allocated by advertisers.
  • Video creators earn from 65% to 90%: Creators who upload their video content on the platform, receive 65% of the funds spent by advertisers, and 90% of the funds received as payment from users who watch their premium content.
  • Advertisers save on the costs of intermediaries and always have accurate and transparent statistics: Viuly provides advertisers with accurate statistics for each ad view. All data is recorded on the blockchain and can be checked by both advertisers and third party auditors. The payments for user’s attention are made directly, without intermediaries and is completely transparent.
  • Advertising costs are 20% lower than on centralized video platforms.

Token info

Ticker: VIU
Dividends: No dividends
Token price in USD: 1 VIU= 0.17 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
Total supply: 55% Tokens For Sale 25% Team 10% Development Fund 7% Mentors 2% Bounty Program 1% Bonus Program

Viuly Roadmap

Q3 2017

Release of the alpha version
Token sale Start

Q4 2017

Token sales completion
Listing on the crypto exchanges
Beta version development

Q1 2018

Video sharing platform launching

Q2 2018

Adding new functionality and connecting additional services
Increase in the number of users by 50% monthly


The number of active Viuly users exceeds 25 million people

Project team

Ruslan Popov
Ruslan Popov
Ruslan Popov linkedin
Silviya Martirosyan
Silviya Martirosyan
Silviya Martirosyan linkedin
Aleksey Vasyanin
Aleksey Vasyanin
Aleksey Vasyanin linkedin


Yuriy Chayka
Yuriy Chayka
MobiPay and mWallet founder
Yuriy Chayka linkedin

Social media

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