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Vold Protocol (VOLD)

Vold is a ‘Verify and Earn’ Protocol that enables users to build Proof of Humanity.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typeEcosystem
WhitepaperVold Protocol White Paper Open

What is Vold Protocol

The Vold Protocol envisions a world where users are not just passive participants but active contributors, earning rewards for their time, energy, and efforts through the $VOLD token.

The core tenet of the Vold Protocol is the seamless integration of physical actions into the blockchain, ensuring that real-world contributions are verifiable and quantifiable. This is achieved through a unique blend of on-chain reputation systems and Sybil-resistant digital identities, ensuring each user's contributions are genuine and worthy of reward.

One of the Vold Protocol's standout features is creating a Non-fungible Reputation token, representing a user's digital identity and On-chain reputation. This identity is not just confined to the Vold ecosystem but can link multiple blockchain, Web3, and social network accounts to the same user identity. The $VOLD token is a reward mechanism incentivizing users for their time, effort, energy, and contributions. As users engage more with the protocol, their reputation score travels with them across chains, establishing a decentralized credit score of sorts.


Pre-sale token supply: 1,200,000,000 VOLD
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 VOLD
Total tokens for sale: 1,500,000,000 VOLD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: VOLD
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
42% - Verify & Earn Rewards
16% - Team & Advisors
9% - Ecosystem
15% - Staking Rewards
5% - Token Foundation
8% - Token Sale (Private)
3% - Token Sale (Public)
2% - Exchange Liquidity

Vold Protocol Roadmap

Milestone 1
  • Smart Contract - EVM Smart Contract for Token Sale on Optimism
Milestone 2
  • NFT Identity - Non-Fungible Reputation Token Representing User’s Digital Identity
Milestone 3
  • Worldcoin - World ID SDK Integration. Link Multiple Blockchain, Web3, and Social Network Accounts to the Same User Identity
Milestone 4
  • $VOLD Token & App - Token and App to reward users for time, effort, energy & contributions (Physical, Virtual, On-chain, DeFi Capabilities)
Milestone 5
  • ZK Reputation - Prove reputation standings without exposing underlying actions
Milestone 6
  • DeFi- DeFi services including borrow/lend, in-app swaps, credit score marketplace & financial services
Milestone 7
  • Multichain - Bridge your reputation, collectibles and credentials across chains

Social media

Vold Protocol web-siteVold Protocol MediumVold Protocol LinkedInVold Protocol TwitterVold Protocol Discord

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