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Voy Finance is a financial ecosystem that provides financial solutions to SMEs, banks, funds, and governments.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeEcosystem
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperVoy Finance White Paper Open

What is Voy Finance

Voy Finance serves as a bridge between governments, financial institutions, and businesses, fostering global collaboration to address the trade finance gap. By connecting stakeholders and facilitating partnerships, Voy Finance cultivates an ecosystem where ideas, resources, and expertise converge to create meaningful change and drive economic growth.

Voy Finance harnesses the power of blockchain and smart contract technology to streamline trade finance processes, enhance transparency, and reduce administrative burdens. By automating manual tasks and ensuring data integrity, Voy Finance minimizes delays, lowers costs, and increases operational efficiency, enabling faster and more secure transactions.

Through Voy Finance’s platform, SMEs can access previously untapped liquidity pools and connect with a diverse network of lenders, investors, and financial institutions. This democratized approach enables businesses to obtain the funding they need to thrive, regardless of their geographical location or industry.


Pre-sales: Jan 24, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022
Public sales: Feb 01, 2022 - Feb 12, 2022
Token supply: 500,000,000 VOY
Total tokens for sale: 75,000,000 VOY
Hard cap: 500,000 USD
Raised: 1,400,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Polygon
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Keemia 4, Tallinn, Harju 10616, EE

Token info

Ticker: VOY
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 VOY = 0,2 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT,USDC, BNB
Token distribution:
25% - DeFi Token Reserve
14% - Team
12% - Marketing & Biz Dev
10% - Development and R&D
15% - Sale
5% - Advisors
5% - Ecosystem Growth
5% - Exchanges, LP, MM Liquidity
2% - Legal & Compliance
3% - Seed Reserve
2% - Carbon Offset & ESG Support
2% - Community Rewards

Project team

Lee Tarone
Lee Tarone
Lee Tarone linkedin
Andrew Liaw
Andrew Liaw
Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Liaw linkedin
Dave Hopkins
Dave Hopkins
Chief Operational Officer
Halyna Belovska
Halyna Belovska
Project Manager
Halyna Belovska linkedin
Tom Reeves
Tom Reeves
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Jacob Hibbert
Jacob Hibbert
Senior Production Manager
Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chan
Trade Finance Partnerships
Dinesh Ramalingam
Dinesh Ramalingam
Head of Sales


Arzu Toren
Arzu Toren
Advisor Banking Trade Finance
Arzu Toren linkedin
Andrea Frosinini
Andrea Frosinini
Advisory Board XDC/BSCA/TOTTA
Andrea Frosinini linkedin
Ronald Mitchell
Ronald Mitchell
XDC Community Advisor
Steven Mathew
Steven Mathew
ESG & Maritime Advisor
Steven Mathew linkedin

Social media

Voy Finance web-siteVoy Finance MediumVoy FinanceYouTubeVoy Finance TelegramVoy Finance InstagramVoy Finance LinkedInVoy Finance X (Twitter)Voy Finance Github



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