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Woolf is a blockchain university

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Project industryEducation
Product typeOrganization
WhitepaperWoolf White Paper Open

What is Woolf

WOOLF is supposed to become the first blockchain-driven university. The project is run by a group of academics from Oxford who aim to automate administrative processes, facilitate direct communication between students and faculty, as well as reduce costs and tuition fees. The university will consist of various colleges. Criteria for college formation and faculty membership are subject to democratic consensus. First five colleges will receive a certain amount of Stellar-based WOOLF tokens. This cryptocurrency will also be used for payments (tuition fees, etc.) and incentives at the university.


Pre-sales: Jul 27, 2018 - Aug 30, 2018
Public sales: Aug 30, 2018 - Oct 10, 2018
Token supply: 800,000


Blockchain Platform: Stellar
Country limitations: China, Iran, United States, North Korea,
Registration country: Gibraltar
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: WOOLF
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
50% - locked in the Woolf Reserve (locked) and released at 0.035% tothe monthly budget
20% - sold in the token sale, if the hard cap is achieved
18% - issued to Woolf Development for current and future activities (vested)
12% - allocated to the Woolf Trust (vested)
6% - for development projects
6% - for college endowments
Funds allocation:
35% – Core Leadership Team and their employees
25% – Retained Academics capped at 40 academics for 4 years
12.5% – The Woolf Trust
12.5% – Endowment of the first colleges
7.5% – Media
7.5% – Legal

Woolf Roadmap

Q1 2018

1. Legal counsel retained.
2. Woolf has core positions filled.
3. White paper has many rounds of review.
4. Woolf website launched and white paper published.

Q2 2018

1. Accreditation discussions with government regulators.
2. Platform beta-testing on the blockchain.
3. Number of Woolf Advisors doubled.
4. Media coverage increased.

Q3 2018

1. Fundraising.
2. Full accreditation application submitted to government.
3. Technology stack announced.
4. Token sale announced.

Q4 2018

1. Accreditation achieved.
2. New hires and team expansion.
3. The first college, Ambrose, is launched.
4. The platform continues development.

Q1 2019

1. Degree-seeking students accepted by Ambrose.
2. On-boarding team is formed to help new colleges.
3. Colleagues at Cambridge invited to form second college.
4. Platform improvements focussed on user experience.
5. Academics produce tutorial lecture videos.

Q2 2019

1. Launch of new colleges.
2. Faculty growth across university.
3. Monthly budgetary voting given new App interface.
4. The Tuition Bidding Pool is integrated with the blockchain.
5. Document verification process optimised.

Q3 2019

1. First five colleges filled.
2. Faculty recruitment campaign launched.
3. Student recruitment campaign launched.
4. Administrative and Peer-Review Bidding Pools are opened.

Q4 2019

1. Faculty Council voting is integrated with the blockchain.
2. Onboarding team increased.
3. First five colleges have a pipeline of students in smart contracts.
4. The Woolf Trust led by a significant figurehead and experienced board.

Q1 2020

1. College formation is open beyond the Times Higher Education top 200
2. A Language Exchange School is opened.
3. Student services continue improvement.
4. Real estate under review for college sites and annual seminars.

Q2 2020

1. The Woolf Trust identifies a major research initiative to fund with media
2. Onboarding team for brick-and-mortar institutions formed.
3. The first brick-and-mortar college integrates with the network.
4. Expanded student society support and real estate.

Q3 2020

1. Action plan for the Woolf University Press is drafted.
2. Woolf expands media offering of recorded lectures to complement tutorials.
3. Woolf Development Ltd consults with academics on timeline for passing
authority to the Woolf Trust and becoming an assignee of the Woolf Trust,
which is under the authority of the Faculty Council.

Project team

Joshua Broggi
Joshua Broggi
Founder and Director University of Oxford
Joshua Broggi linkedin
Johann Lilly
Johann Lilly
Technology Director
Johann Lilly linkedin
Jonathan Duquette
Jonathan Duquette
Programme Director University of Oxford
Jonathan Duquette linkedin
Martin Gallagher
Martin Gallagher
Programme Director University of Oxford
Martin Gallagher linkedin


Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia
Legal Advisor Isolas LLP
Joey Garcia linkedin
Margaretta Colangelo
Margaretta Colangelo
Strategic Advisor U1 Technologies
Margaretta Colangelo linkedin
Hyeon Deok Yeo
Hyeon Deok Yeo
Asia Advisor George Mason University
Lluís Vicent Safont
Lluís Vicent Safont
Latin World Advisor Royal European Academy of Doctors
Lluís Vicent Safont linkedin
Courtney Nimura
Courtney Nimura
Equality and Diversity Advisor
Laurence Kirk
Laurence Kirk
Blockchain Advisor Oxford Blockchain Society
Laurence Kirk linkedin
Shahar Avin
Shahar Avin
Risk Advisor University of Cambridge
Shahar Avin linkedin
Arlyn Culwick
Arlyn Culwick
Self-Sovereign Protocol Advisor The Blocknet
Arlyn Culwick linkedin
Kate Kelley
Kate Kelley
University of Oxford
Lola San Martín Arbide
Lola San Martín Arbide
University of Oxford
Lola San Martín Arbide twitter
Maria Lidova
Maria Lidova
University of Oxford
Miles Pattenden
Miles Pattenden
University of Oxford
Miles Pattenden twitter
Diana Rodríguez Pérez
Diana Rodríguez Pérez
University of Oxford
Diana Rodríguez Pérez linkedin
Rachel K. L. Wood
Rachel K. L. Wood
University of Oxford
Andreas Winkler
Andreas Winkler
University of Oxford
Gary Slater
Gary Slater
St Edwards University
Gary Slater linkedin

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