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X Protocol (POT)


Polkadot based cross chain protocol that provides decentralized, safe and fast bridging solution. Designed to realize asset cross chain management & data aggregation prediction analysis between heterogeneous chains and expand business application scenarios through open application ecology.

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Project industry Blockchain Infrastructure
Product type Technology


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What is X Protocol

The X Protocol is a cross-chain protocol based on Polkadot that provides a decentralized, secure, and fast bridging solution. The X Protocol aims to build a Decentralized Metaverse based on Web3.0.

Cross-Chain Asset Management and Data Aggregation Predictive Analytics will be implemented through X Bridge, to build up a value network of the Metaverse.


IDO (DuckStarter Launchpad): Nov 05, 2021 - Nov 05, 2021
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Nov 05, 2021 - Nov 05, 2021
Token supply: 21,000,000 POT
Total tokens for sale: 4,200,000 POT


Blockchain Platform: Polkadot
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: POT
Token price in USD: 1 POT = 1.5 USD
Token distribution:
Pool reserved for Mining - 35%
Ecosystem - 15%
Liquidity Pool - 20%
Team & Advisor - 10%
Financing - 20%

X Protocol Roadmap

Q1 2021
  • Research and construction of business model
  • Research and early accumulation of Polkadot / subject and other technologies
  • Start-up fund raising
  • Development of test products
Q2 2021
  • Launch MVP
  • Access to Oracle
  • Launch of Prediction Mining
  • Launch of Staking Program
  • Launch of Liquidity supply / Mining
Q3 2021
  • Community Dao governance
  • Staking Node Program
  • Launch of Mechanism of Reporting and Supervision
  • Launch of Prediction Ranking
  • More cross-chain asset support for predicting
  • User communication forum where user can share posts on
Q4 2021
  • Powerful social network and group chat system
  • Prediction area classification
  • Higher degree of freedom prediction custom settings
  • Automatically generated prediction proposal, such as price prediction
  • UI and UX update

Project team

Wenzhu liang
Wenzhu liang
7 years experience in front-end development HTML、CSS、javascript、Vue、React、Nodejs familiar with Rust,substrate development, project management
Zhijie Jiang
Zhijie Jiang
Rich programming experience, 1 years Solidity development experience familiar with block chain development, master Rust、Substrate.
Hongtao Ji
Hongtao Ji
3 Years of rich programming experience, familiar with c/c ,solidity,nodejs,rust,substrate development.
Danling Xiao
Danling Xiao
3 years experience in front-end development HTML、CSS、javascript、Vue familiar with React development
Ting Chen
Ting Chen
8 years experience in design, rich project experience in block chain finance industry, mature independent design control and innovation ability, good at visual brand design, product design, proficient in photography shop, sketch, illustrator, C4D

Social media

X Protocol web-site X Protocol Medium X Protocol Telegram X Protocol Twitter X Protocol Github



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  • AKINLADE OLADELE JOSHUA July 13, 2021 at 2:35 pm

    But, when is the pre-sale? When is it going to released?, When is it to be listed for trading?

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