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AdSigma is the Digital Display Advertising platform that is driving blockchain technology to change the digital display advertising space.

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Project industry Marketing & Advertising
Product type Platform
Founded India, 2017

What is AdSigma

The platform is based on the EthereumÂ’s Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants themselves.

Powered by the blockchain technology, all transactions on AdSigma are transparent. Advertisers and publishers have a transparent public history.

Nobody can give preferences or privilege to one advertiser/publisher over another since the network is verified and maintained by each participant.


Pre-sales: Apr 05, 2018 - Apr 19, 2018
Public sales: Apr 20, 2018 - May 20, 2018
Soft cap: 2,850ETH
Hard cap: 13,587,800 USD(fiat)
Raised: 735,917 USD


Country limitations: China, United States
Registration country: India
Registration year: 2017


Bounty: 3%
Translation: 16%
Social media: 68%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 16 %

Token info

Ticker: ADSi
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 ADSi = 0.185184 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000300 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
If a participant buys tokens using customer's referral link, customer receives 5% of bought tokens.
Token distribution:
60% - Token Sale
22% - Network Growth
10% - Adsigma Founders
4% - Advisory Board
3% - Community Grants and Bounties
1% - Legal Compliance
Funds allocation:
40% - Marketing and Bisness Development
30% - Product Development
15% - ETH Reserve (CRR)
7% - Administrative and Genaral Expenses
5% - Bancor ETH Reserve
3% - Legal and Accounting Expenses

AdSigma Roadmap

Q4 2017

Concept Development of Adsigma.

Q1 and Q2 2018

Release of AdSigma White paper. Launch of AdSigma Token Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale.

Q3 2018

Releasing the protocol for relayers to build Real time Bidding Exchange.

Deploying the settlement smart contract for AdSigma advertiser publisher network.

Q4 2018

Alpha launch - Testing the prototype, pilot installation of Adsigma SDK.

Q1 2019

Beta launch - Advertisers will be able to setup ad campaigns and publishers will be able to monetize their apps/websites.

Q2 2019

Engaging in close collaboration with major media publications and advertisers. Agreement signing.

Project team

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
Project Development, Operations, Co-founder
Kapil Bhosale
Kapil Bhosale
Blockchain & Cloud Engineering, Co-founder
Akshay Mohite
Akshay Mohite
Blockchain & Web Development, Co-founder
Ravi Tamda
Ravi Tamda
Android Developer & Big Data Engineering, Co-founder
Ashutosh Bhatt
Ashutosh Bhatt
Community Manager
Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti
Strategic Investor Relations


Subhash Choudhary
Subhash Choudhary
Strategic Media Consultant
Kumar Aakash
Kumar Aakash
International Scaling and Business Advisor

Social media

Web-site Reddit: AdSigma (ADSi) Medium: AdSigma (ADSi) Telegram: AdSigma (ADSi) BTCTalk: AdSigma (ADSi) Twitter: AdSigma (ADSi) Facebook: AdSigma (ADSi) Github: AdSigma (ADSi)

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

How To get a verified Project status

To pass the verification you need to place a our logo on the main page of your website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts. Send us the email in reply with confirmation of the link placement.

Height: 50 px
Width: 160 px

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