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Algorand is decentralized digital currency and transactions platform.

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Hype score High
Risk score Medium
Investment rating NA Algorand (ALG) icobench 1.8 / 5 Algorand (ALG) icomarks 4.6 / 10 Algorand (ALG) trackico 2.8 / 5 Algorand (ALG) icoholder 2.6 / 5
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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type Platform


For each block of transactions, Algorand randomly selects a small, one-time group of users. To protect them from attackers, the identities of these users are hidden until the block is confirmed. The size of this group remains constant as the network grows.

Any currency representing a significant fraction of the world’s money will be attacked at the user level, the protocol level, and the network level. Algorand remains secure in the face of attacks.

Confirming transactions with Algorand does not require solving cryptographic puzzles. The consensus protocol is both computationally and energy efficient, which keeps transaction costs low. With no heavy lifting, even small players can transact. Algorand  transactions are confirmed instantly, and transferred money is immediately available.

Algorand is fully decentralized. Every decision is reached by consensus and represents the will of the majority. All transactions are created and treated equally, regardless of size.

Algorand is guaranteed to work securely if the majority of the money in the system is owned by honest users. A user in Algorand does not need to put any fraction of his money at stake. A user’s money always remains in her hands, ready to be spent how she wishes.


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United States

Token info

Ticker: ALG
Type: Utility-token

Algorand (ALG) Roadmap

Project team

 in Algorand (ALG) - 1
Silvio Micali
 in Algorand (ALG) - 2
Naveed Ihsanullah
 in Algorand (ALG) - 3
Nickolai Zeldovich
 in Algorand (ALG) - 4
Jing Chen
 in Algorand (ALG) - 5
Sergey Gorbunov
 in Algorand (ALG) - 6
Rotem Hemo
 in Algorand (ALG) - 7
Georgios Vlachos
 in Algorand (ALG) - 8
Derek Leung
 in Algorand (ALG) - 9
David Shoots
 in Algorand (ALG) - 10
Adam Suhl
 in Algorand (ALG) - 11
Jamie Goldstein
 in Algorand (ALG) - 12
Albert Wenger
 in Algorand (ALG) - 13
Steven KokinosAdvisors
 in Algorand (ALG) - 14
Andrew Lo
 in Algorand (ALG) - 15
Christian Catalini
 in Algorand (ALG) - 16
Kenneth Rogoff
 in Algorand (ALG) - 17
Shafi Goldwasser
 in Algorand (ALG) - 18
Costantinos Daskalakis
 in Algorand (ALG) - 19
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
 in Algorand (ALG) - 20
Maurice Herlihy
 in Algorand (ALG) - 21
Naval Ravikant
 in Algorand (ALG) - 22
Alessandro Chiesa
 in Algorand (ALG) - 23
Joseph Bonneau
 in Algorand (ALG) - 24
Jill Carlson
 in Algorand (ALG) - 25
 in Algorand (ALG) - 26


 in Algorand (ALG) - 27
Andrew Lo
 in Algorand (ALG) - 28
Christian Catalini
 in Algorand (ALG) - 29
Kenneth Rogoff
 in Algorand (ALG) - 30
Shafi Goldwasser
 in Algorand (ALG) - 31
Costantinos Daskalakis
 in Algorand (ALG) - 32
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
 in Algorand (ALG) - 33
Maurice Herlihy
 in Algorand (ALG) - 34
Naval Ravikant
 in Algorand (ALG) - 35
Alessandro Chiesa
 in Algorand (ALG) - 36
Joseph Bonneau
 in Algorand (ALG) - 37
Jill Carlson

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