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Ambit Mining is an organization established in Summer 2017, & is part of the bigger BFGroup Holding that also controls several businesses in Georgia such.

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Project industryEnergy & Utilities
Product typeTechnology
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What is Ambit

  • All mining units are powered by 100% renewable hydro energy, ensuring green electricity supply at only 5 cents per kW/h.
  • The farm is located in Georgia, with green electricity
  • Ambit mining has already constructed 1 MW diversified farm in Georgia, which generated over 1.3 mln profit per year.
  • The mining farm is located in Tbilisi Free Economic Zone, which is a tax free area in Georgia. Meaning that operation will be exempt from majority of licenses, taxes 
  • Ambit Mining will partner with the major mining hardware manufacturers and will install cooling and wiring solutions in order to optimize the costs and to ensure maximum profitability.


Pre-sales: Apr 10, 2018 - Apr 17, 2018
Public sales: May 01, 2018 - May 30, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 17,000,000 AMBT
Token supply: 61,000,000 AMBT
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
Raised: 4,000,000 USD


Registration country: Georgia
Registration year: 2017


Bounty: 3%
Translation: 12%
Social media: 49%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 40%

Token info

Ticker: AMBT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Dividends: Ambit Mining contributors will receive Ethereum based AMBT Tokens that represent their share in Ambit Mining
Token price in USD: 1 AMBT = 0.5 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
Bonus program:
Tranch I - 17,000,000 tokens 20% discount | 10 April, 2018
Main Sale
Tranch II - 20,000,000 tokens 10% discount | 20 April, 2018
Tranch III - 20,000,000 tokens 5% discount | 27 April, 2018
Tranch IV - 31,000,000 tokens no discount | 04 May, 2018
Token distribution:
85% - Token Holders
3% - Company Reserve
9% - Team & Advisors
3% - Bounty
Funds allocation:
85% Total Hardware + Hosting
6% - Operation
5% - R&D
4% - Marketing

Ambit Roadmap

July 2017

Initial round of private funding of 1 million USD.

September 2017

Construction of 11000 megahash GPU farm.

November 2017

Construction of 1 MGW diversified farm in TFZ.

April 3, 2018

Presale of Ambit MiningICO.

February 2018

Existing 1MGW farm 100 % ROI.

January 2018

Existing GPU Farm 100 % ROI

April 14, 2018

Main sale of Ambit Mining ICO.

May 2018

Laying foundation for Ambit Hosting and mining facility.

July 2018

Hosting Services go live

October 2018

First full dividend payout from Ambit Hosting and Mining Farm.

September 2018

Ambit Mining Farm is completed.

August 2018

First dividend payout from the Ambit hosting income.

May 2019

100% Return on Investment achieved, Cloud mining service offered to the token.

Q2 2020

Acquisition of hydroelectric station for the extra source of electricity.

Q3 2021

Production of own ASICS chips.

Project team

Beka Vashakidze
Beka Vashakidze
Founder & CEO
Beka Vashakidze linkedin
Giorgi Inashvili
Giorgi Inashvili
Chief Operational Officer
Giorgi Inashvili linkedin
David Kochiashvili
David Kochiashvili
Lead Software Developer
David Kochiashvili linkedin
Aleksey Kuksin
Aleksey Kuksin
Software Architect
Aleksey Kuksin linkedin
David Gelashvili
David Gelashvili
Partner at BDO Georgia
David Gelashvili linkedin
George Khmaladze
George Khmaladze
Chief Financial Officer
George Khmaladze linkedin
Levan Nadiradze
Levan Nadiradze
Chief Project Manager
Levan Nadiradze linkedin
Tato Tsintsadze
Tato Tsintsadze
Chief Energy Officer
Tato Tsintsadze linkedin
Mikheil Todua
Mikheil Todua
Head of Marketing
Mikheil Todua linkedin
Nino Lazarashvili
Nino Lazarashvili
Graphic Designer
Nino Lazarashvili linkedin
Revaz Kuparadze
Revaz Kuparadze
Marketing Strategist
Revaz Kuparadze linkedin
Zakro Gogolidze
Zakro Gogolidze
Senior Web Developer
Zakro Gogolidze linkedin
Tornike Sekhniashvili
Tornike Sekhniashvili
Visual Specialist
Tornike Sekhniashvili linkedin
Lasha Nozadze
Lasha Nozadze
Digital Strategist
Lasha Nozadze linkedin
Vasil Otiuridze
Vasil Otiuridze
Hosting & Mining Manager
Vasil Otiuridze linkedin
Ioseb Kistauri
Ioseb Kistauri
Chief Technology Officer
Ioseb Kistauri linkedin
Giorgi Jakonia
Giorgi Jakonia
System Administrator
Giorgi Jakonia linkedin
Daniel Bianchini
Daniel Bianchini
Project Manager
Daniel Bianchini linkedin


Miguel Palencia
Miguel Palencia
Chief Information Officer at Qtum Foundation
Miguel Palencia linkedin
Andrii Matiukhin
Andrii Matiukhin
Chief Technical Director at Hacken
Andrii Matiukhin linkedin
Nodar Kolmakhidze
Nodar Kolmakhidze
Chief Investment Officer at Cindicator
Nodar Kolmakhidze linkedin
Davit Mrelashvili
Davit Mrelashvili
Region Lead: CIS & Eastern Europe of ZenCash
Davit Mrelashvili linkedin
Vasil Revishvili
Vasil Revishvili
Partner, CIO at Thales Investments
Vasil Revishvili linkedin
Hitesh Juneja
Hitesh Juneja
Chief Marketing Officer at SPECTRE
Hitesh Juneja linkedin
Daniel Espaillat
Daniel Espaillat
Entrepreneur/Cryptocurrency Investor/Bitcoin Enthusiast/ICO Advisor
Daniel Espaillat linkedin

Social media

Ambit web-siteAmbit RedditAmbit MediumAmbitYouTubeAmbit InstagramAmbit BTCTalkAmbit TwitterAmbit FacebookAmbit Github

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