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AVT is a decentralised, transparent and non custodial perpetual futures platform built on Optimism.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperAVT White Paper Open

What is AVT

On AVT, users can trade long or short BTC, ETH and OP with up to 50x leverage.

Liquidity providers can provide their tokens to earn passive income generated from the platform's fee revenues.

Traders can swap, long or short the tokens supported by the platform's expandable multi-asset pool with zero slippage or price impact, while earning reward tokens at the same time.

All platform trading data and proof of reserve is available on-chain 24/7. High quality price feed is supported by industry leaders such as Chainlink as well as top crypto exchanges selected based on reliability, transparency and volume.


Pre-sale token supply: 1,500,000 AVT
Token supply: 10,000,000 AVT


Blockchain Platform: Optimism
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: AVT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
10% - Community
15% - Investors
25% - DAO Fund
10% - Contributors
30% - Ecosystem
10% - Early Liquidity Providers & Traders

AVT Roadmap

  • AVT.trade soft launch
  • Beta Testing Program Commences
  • AVT.trade officially launches
  • Upgrades & Iterations
  • August DAO

Social media

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