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Past ICO
Mar 01, 2018 – Apr 14, 2018

Betex – Peer-to-peer binary options platform.

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Hype score Medium
Risk score Medium
Investment rating NA Betex (BETEX) icobench 3.8 / 5 Betex (BETEX) icomarks 7.1 / 10 Betex (BETEX) trackico 4.4 / 5 Betex (BETEX) icoholder 3.5 / 5
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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type Platform


Transparency. Blockchain technology provides open access to information at all times, thereby, ensuring fully transparent process, accurate data records and equal terms for everyone.

Provable fairness

Common pool of liquidity. The goal is to consolidate maximum liquidity from the derivative markets through forming one common pool of liquidity for each trading asset, instead of creating multiple tiny ones.

White label for brokers. White label model to build solutions and provide services that allow minimizing entry and setup costs as well as help brokers launch their business.

Instant payouts. Payments are automatically released by smart contracts straight to ETH wallet, ensuring immediate withdrawals without delays or cancellations.

No deposits. Platform users get instant access to all of its functions and features without having to make any kind of deposits first.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 3,000,000
Hard cap: 10,233,500 USD(fiat)
Raised: 10,233,480 USD


Country limitations: Iraq, Somalia, Syria,

Token info

Ticker: BETEX
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BETEX = 3 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Dec 4, 2017 — Jan 8, 2018 Token price: $2.00
Jan 10, 2018 — Feb 18, 2018 Token price: $2.50
Token distribution:
5% - Token Pre-Sale Round 1
15% - Token Pre-Sale Round 2
30% - Token Sale
10% - Reserve for brokers (Vesting for 6 months)
8% - Reserve
2% - Bounty
30% - Founders and team (Vesting for 6 months)
Funds allocation:
40% - Platform Development
15% - Marketing
15% - Legal Support
15% - Operational Costs
5% - Research
10% - Reserve

Betex (BETEX) Roadmap

Quarter 4, 2017

Launch and testing of the p2p binary options platform (MVP) in the test net;
Pre-sale of BETEX tokens in accordance with SAFT;
Audit of the platform?s smart contracts;
Web interface design of the section for p2p sports betting;

Quarter 1, 2018

Obtaining a license for betting;
Commercial launch of Betex, the p2p binary options platform;
Development of the available trading pairs list;
Launch and testing of the MVP?s section for p2p sports betting in the test net;
Development and testing of the mobile app for Android/iOS;
Development and testing of the desktop client application;
Development of a section with statistics;
Development of a personal cabinet for BETEX token holders;

Quarter 2, 2018

Commercial launch of the section for p2p sports betting;
Connection of the first brokers to the platform;
Development of an API for trading bots;
Launch of the mobile app for Android/iOS;
Running the desktop client application;
Generation of BETEX tokens;
Distribution of BETEX tokens among pre-sale participants;
Distribution of the accumulated profit among owners of BETEX tokens;

Quarter 3, 2018

Registration of the BETEX token in the SEC;
The main stage of BETEX token sale;
Development and connection of the FIX API;
Development of the section for p2p betting on irregular events;

Quarter 4, 2018

Network scaling and/or transfer to a more efficient blockchain;
Launch of the section for p2p betting on irregular events;

Quarter 1, 2019

Global market expansion & adaptation;
Project's break even.

Project team

Co-founder & CEO in Betex (BETEX) - 1
Oleg Torkhov
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CTO in Betex (BETEX) - 2
Mykhailo Tiutin
Co-founder & CTO
Blockchain & Back-end Developer in Betex (BETEX) - 3
Mykhailo Savchuk
Blockchain & Back-end Developer
DevOPs & Infrastructure in Betex (BETEX) - 4
Oleksii Koshlatyi
DevOPs & Infrastructure
Front-end Dev in Betex (BETEX) - 5
Oleksandr Babichev
Front-end Dev
Content Strategist & Writer in Betex (BETEX) - 6
Iana Gyzhytska
Content Strategist & Writer
Community Manager in Betex (BETEX) - 7
Evgeny Zhytnyuk
Community Manager
Smart Contract Developer in Betex (BETEX) - 8
Anatolii Kucheruk
Smart Contract Developer


Business Strategy Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 9
Scott Douglas
Business Strategy Advisor
Marketing Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 10
Alexandr Kerya
Marketing Advisor
Business Development Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 11
Kos Chekanov
Business Development Advisor
Trading Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 12
Alexandru Radulescu
Trading Advisor
Strategic Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 13
Matyas Zaborszky
Strategic Advisor
Business Strategy and Digital Marketing Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 14
Steve Good
Business Strategy and Digital Marketing Advisor
ICO Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 15
Vladimir Nikitin
ICO Advisor
Board Advisor in Betex (BETEX) - 16
David Drake
Board Advisor

Social media

Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk Twitter Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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