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BIOTA is a high-performance blockchain-based cloud operating system that delivers fast transaction confirmation, low cost-of-operation and unlimited scalability. BIOTAs DApp ecosystem is developer-friendly and has a comprehensive incentive system to ensure fair use and sustainable development. BIOTA CloudOS will support distributed computation and storage of smart contracts, further lowering the cost to operate on the system.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
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What is Biota

High-performance infrastructure

The BIOTA platform combines Block-Lattice architecture with an Epoch chain. This structure gives each account its own blockchain and allows it to trade concurrently in different places.The combination of the highly efficient Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism with Practical Byzantine Fault-tolerant Algorithm (PBFT) ensures the security and efficiency of the BIOTA framework.

D-App Development templates

Decentralized application (DApp) development templates provided by the foundation and global community of developers allows users to focus on what matters to them and quickly build commercial DApps.

An optimised experience for building, deploying, and using DApps demonstrates the infinite power of BIOTA and harnesses the flow of creativity and ideas for enabling more demonstrations of blockchain use-cases.

A smarter way to access IoT Devices

The TESLA protocol links the BIOTA Network to the physical world by facilitating connection to and validation of a large number of distributed IoT devices and their data. The TESLA protocol provides a unique service interface to carry this large volume of off-chain data through the common data model and protects the safety of the whole data stream by Masked Authenticated Messaging; ideally suited to the age of big data.

Distributed Supercomputer

The Neumann Network’s incentive system encourages distributed smart devices all over the world to share their computation and distributed storage resources. This will help BIOTA to reduce costs and increase storage space and eventually to scale to have the computing ability and storage capability similar to an Internet Data Center (IDC), even surpassing traditional cloud computing platforms to achieve a fair distribution of value.

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