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Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS)

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage system network.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typeProtocol
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperCumulus Encrypted Storage System White Paper Download

What is Cumulus Encrypted Storage System

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System is a full-stack solution developed with Substrate, dedicated to building a high-speed, secure, and scalable decentralized cloud storage network for Web3.

As an open-source public blockchain network, CESS not only offers decentralized data storage services, it also serves users and creators as a platform for on-chain data sharing, as well as developing and deploying DAPPs.

CESS will implement multiple mechanisms and proof schemes, including Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR2), to ensure data privacy and availability. Also, a unique Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation Mechanism (MDRC) and a high-order data encryption technology will be implemented to achieve the data owner rights confirmation and copyright protection.


Blockchain Platform: Polkadot
Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2019
Office address: CESS Consulting UK, Spaces Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester , England M1 5AN, GB

Token info

Ticker: CESS
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
15% - Initial contributors
55% - Miners
10% - Community/DAO/incentives and advertisements
5% - Cooperative partners, DAO
5% - Reserved for emergency use and future ecology development
10% - Financing for future development

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System Roadmap

  • The CESS start-up team was formed to conceive and design a prototype of a decentralized cloud data network infrastructure.
  • Complete the preliminary design and vision of CCESS decentralized cloud storage system products
  • Complete the architecture design and theoretical verification of CESS decentralized cloud storage multi-layer network architecture based on blockchain
  • Preliminary design of several key CESS technologies (R²S, MDRC and PoDR²) was completed
  • Completed and published the CESS v0.1 white paper
  • Complete CESS economic model design
  • Complete the first edition of the CESS website
  • Complete the design and development of CESS testnet v0.1 to implement storage miner testing on BSC
  • Complete the CESS decentralized network disk demo test on BSC
  • Completed W3F Grants Milestone 1
  • Complete the development and release of CESS testnet v0.1.2 - v0.6.0
  • Participated in the 4th Polkadot Hackathon and won the Asia-Pacific Championship
  • Completion of W3F Grants milestones 2 and 3
  • Successfully selected for the Substrate Builder Program and completed Milestone 1 & 2
  • Successfully contributed Substrate storage pallets to W3F Grants
  • Added smart contract compatible EVM module
  • Completed the release of CESS lightweight blockchain explorer Substats v0.1.0;Complete the development, testing and release of decentralized object storage (DeOSS)
  • Complete R²S and PoDR² development and testing based on TEE technology
  • Complete CESS testnet to support native Dapps performance testing and technology development
  • CESS decentralized cloud storage mainnet v1.0 was launched
  • Publication of the CESS Economic White Paper;Completed CESS lightweight blockchain explorer Substats v1.0
  • Complete the development, testing and release of CSO proxy re-encryption technology
  • Complete the development, testing, and release of CESS retrieval nodes and cache nodes
  • Launched a decentralized storage user client based on CESS Protocol
  • Released CESS Protocol decentralized cloud storage data sharing protocol
  • Complete technical and development tool support for decentralized social and streaming media applications based on CESS mainnet
  • Implement CESS Decentralized Cloud Storage Data Network 2.0
  • Complete the security and stability of CESS decentralized cloud storage system enterprise storage network
  • Complete the CSO Technical Yellow Paper
  • Achieve high compatibility and high availability of CESS system enterprise storage
  • Achieve DAO autonomy in the CESS community
  • Realize a new ecosystem of data economy with CESS prosperity, diversity, security and privacy

Project team

Nicholas Zaldastani
Nicholas Zaldastani
Co-Founder, Marketing Lead
Nicholas Zaldastani linkedin
Joseph Li
Joseph Li
Co-founder/Technical Lead
Joseph Li linkedin
Teh Sunn Liu
Teh Sunn Liu
Team Lead
Teh Sunn Liu linkedin
Zoetta ZENG
Zoetta ZENG
Technical Operations Manager
Zoetta ZENG linkedin
Rich N
Rich N
Discord & Telegram Community Management
Rich N linkedin
Louis Albuerne
Louis Albuerne
Marketing Director
Louis Albuerne linkedin
Molly Zhang
Molly Zhang
Marketing Lead
Molly Zhang linkedin
Ricardo Quintero
Ricardo Quintero
Community Manager
Ricardo Quintero linkedin
Frank Hughes
Frank Hughes
Project Director
Frank Hughes linkedin
Jessie Dai
Jessie Dai
Co-Founder & COO
Jessie Dai linkedin
John Paul Humphreys-Ramos
John Paul Humphreys-Ramos
Marketing Manager
John Paul Humphreys-Ramos linkedin


Financial Advisor
John linkedin
Anderson XU
Anderson XU
Anderson XU linkedin

Social media

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