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Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST)

Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Jan 08, 2021 – Feb 08, 2021

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) brings exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining. Each BTCST is collateralized by real Bitcoin mining power.

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What is Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token

A significant impediment to participation in Bitcoin mining is the limited number of exit options. Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (“BTCST”) solves this problem by bringing exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining.

Each BTCST is collateralized by 0.1 terahash per second (“TH/s”) of Bitcoin mining power. By staking BTCSTs, holders of the tokens will receive daily Bitcoin distributions that correspond to the mining power staked.

What is more, because the market price of BTCST is determinable as the discounted cashflow of the underlying mining power, BTCST in secondary trading will perform as a leveraged Bitcoin token free from liquidation risk. BTCST will create an efficient market for Bitcoin mining power.


IEO (Binance Launchpad): Jan 08, 2021 - Feb 08, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000 BTCST

Token info

Ticker: BTCST
Funds allocation:
Binance Launchpool - 4%
Initial Tokenizing Miner - 96%

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token Roadmap

Nov. 2020

Preparatory work for project launch

Dec. 2020

Proof-of-Concept Issuance: Up to 100p

Feb. 2021

Batch 1 Issuance: Up to 1000p

Mar. 2021

Self-owned mining sites acquisition and construction

Jun. 2021

Batch 2 Issuance: Up to 1000p

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