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Carbonable (CARBZ)

Carbonable is a Web3 provider of environmental services intended to fight climate change that uses blockchain technology to track carbon contributions and help prevent greenwashing.

Seed Round: $1.2 Million

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Project industryEcology
Product typeService
WhitepaperCarbonable White Paper Open

What is Carbonable

Carbonable leverages Web3 technology to empower anyone to drive climate contributions in the most straightforward and effective way. From cost saving, to risk diversification, portfolio management, and digital project monitoring, Carbonable’s turnkey and end-to-end solution provides unparalleled benefits to retail investors and companies.

Carbonable Labs is a research laboratory that explores the potential of blockchain and Stark technology to tackle carbon-related challenges. Our objective is to create tools and standards with the outmost level of ethic, transparency, and traceability, while also avoiding conflicts of interest in the carbon credit value chain. Further, we aim to make these tools and standards public goods (open source) so they are available to everyone.


Raised: 1,200,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: StarkNet

Token info

Ticker: CARBZ
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
Community - 26%
Reserve & treasury - 9%
Long-term & Ecosystem Development - 8%
Ecosystem Partners & Advisors - 5%
Founders & Employees - 17%
Seed - 12%
Private Sales - 8%
Public Sales - 15%

Carbonable Roadmap

Q1 2022
  • MVP release
  • Litepaper
  • Discord
  • Pre-Seed
  • Blue Carbon sourcing
  • First NFT Mint
Q2 2022
  • WhitePaper
  • Tokenomie R&D squad
  • New branding
  • Seed Round
  • Green carbon sourcing
Q3 2022
  • Activate stable coins reward
  • Carbz utility token
  • Community Funding 1
  • Regenerative Agriculture
Q4 2022
  • carbonABLE DAO
  • Build future of Green Fi
  • Community Funding 2

Project team

Guillaume Leti
Guillaume Leti
Cofounder & Co-CEO
Guillaume Leti linkedin
Ramzi Laieb
Ramzi Laieb
Cofounder & Co-CEO
Ramzi Laieb linkedin
Abdelhamid Bakhta
Abdelhamid Bakhta
Acting CTO
Coline Debayle
Coline Debayle
Chief of Carbon and Content
Coline Debayle linkedin
Arnaud Gouriou
Arnaud Gouriou
Web3 DevOps & Tokenomics
Arnaud Gouriou linkedin
Francois Schuers
Francois Schuers
Front-end Dev
Taieb Boussahoua
Taieb Boussahoua
Web3 Risk Management
Hanabi Consulting
Hanabi Consulting


Gagan Gupta
Gagan Gupta
Ada Zambrano
Ada Zambrano
Reda Berrehili
Reda Berrehili
Reda Berrehili linkedin
Fabien Donadey
Fabien Donadey
IT transformation Governance Consulting
Mohamed Bouatta
Mohamed Bouatta
Ashley Parsons
Ashley Parsons
Content copywriter

Social media

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