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Spirals unlocks the potential of your cryptocurrency to save the world— all while you continue to use your favorite dApps.

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Project industryEcology
Product typeProtocol
FoundedUnited States
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What is Spirals Protocol

Spirals finances climate impact through yield earned on tokens like ETH & USDC. When users & protocols deposit into our token vaults, they get issued an equivalent amount of green tokens (gTokens). These gTokens represent the original deposited asset earning passively for funding climate projects, and shares of your certified on-chain climate impact through Spirals.

Defining climate impact is something we take very seriously, looking far beyond carbon markets and beyond carbon.

At a high level, Spirals aligns financial and ecological outcomes by tapping into the returns generated by natural capital as an asset class.

The Spirals ecosystem has several key stakeholders:

  • Projects are financed proportional to member allocation preferences. In return for capital, these projects return tokenized natural assets.
  • Backers deposit tokens and receive back a green version of the token. This green derivative, or Impact Token, can (1) always be redeemed or (2) transferred & used like any other token.
  • Experts in climate can join our Climate Council. They have authority to verify (or remove) climate projects.
  • Buyers purchase and retire carbon credits to claim offsets.


Registration year: 2022

Project team

Aaron Price
Aaron Price
Making Jokes, Touching Grass
Aaron Price linkedin
Doug Qian
Doug Qian
Organizing Wine & Paint Nights
Doug Qian linkedin
Helena Merk
Helena Merk
Green-Pilling & Conquering Hawk Hill
Helena Merk linkedin
Luis Clague
Luis Clague
Creating Magical Experiences
Luis Clague linkedin

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