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CarVDB: A Decentralized End-to-End Platform for the Automotive World.

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Project industryTransport
Product typePlatform

What is CarVDB

  • Decentralized Vehicle Marketplace for free trade and rentals between private and professional sellers and buyers.
  • Free vehicle database searchable by VIN, containing vehicle technical specifications, manufacturer information, maintenance history and reports, scheduled maintenance requirements, repair manuals and more.
  • Auction Platform, allowing setup of timed and live auctions both by private individuals and auction houses.
  • Enhanced Insurance Platform, wrapped around the concept of reducing the premium people pay and in the same time reducing the risk for insurance companies.
  • Fully Automated Vehicle Service Center solution, aimed at improving the services provided by Vehicle Service and Repair Centers and increasing the customer satisfaction from the contracted vehicle maintenance activities.


Public sales: Mar 13, 2018 - Jun 11, 2018
Soft cap: 5,888ETH
Hard cap: 13,750,400 USD(fiat)


Bounty: 1%

Token info

Ticker: CAR
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 CAR = 0.43679087 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000633 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
1888 ETH +50%
4000 ETH +40%
4000 ETH +30%
4000 ETH +20%
4000 ETH +15%
4000 ETH +10%
4000 ETH +5%
Token distribution:
50% - ICO.
36% - CarVDB pool
14% - founding members, development team, early hires and advisors.
1% - bounty campaign during the ICO and also for community members who add value to the platform during or after the ICO
Funds allocation:
46% – Product Development
20% – Marketing and User Acquisition
16% – Operational Capital
10% – Reserve Capital
8% – ICO related cost

CarVDB Roadmap

Q1, 2015

Platform Alpha Released in USA & Spain.
More than 1M Ads Published to Date.

Q1 2018

CarVDB Token Creation EventIn Progress.
Platfrom Beta DevelopmentIn Progress.
CarVDB Black Membership Cards Distribution.

Q4, 2018

Marketing Campaign Kick Off.
Early Adopters Incentives.
Partnerships Anounced.
CAR Token Listed on All Major Exchanges.

Q1, 2019

Platfrom Beta Release in USA & Spain.
Smart Contracts Relese.
Insurance Platfrom Release.
Auctions Platfrom Release.
Growth Pool & Membership Cards Distribution.

Q4, 2019

Platform Release in Canada & Mexico.
VIN Check Feature Release.
Repair Manuals Feature Release.
Maintenance Reports History Release.

Q3, 2020

Platform Release in UK & Germany.
European Partnerships Anounced.
Full Decentralization Begins.

Q4, 2021

Platform Release in France, Italy and Switzerland.
Consider Additional Revenue Streams.
Transition to Public Blockchain.

Q1, 2023

Platform Release in South America.
Revision of Future Strategy.
Announce Next 5 Year Plan.

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