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The fastest smart contracts platform. Cheetah protocol is building low fees smart contracts blockchain platform capable of executing 110000+ transactions per second.

Warning! This project is suspected of being a SCAM!!!

The website and all social networks don’t work.

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Project industry Blockchain Infrastructure
Product type Protocol

What is Cheetah Protocol

As blockchain technology advances, it offers new answers to scalability, interoperability, and usability issues. With the usage of four different blockchains on our platform, Cheetah protocol has adopted a unique approach. At Cheetah protocol, we promise to be "the quickest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by transaction completion time," thanks to our native coin CTH and numerous consensus processes.

Cheetah is a flexible smart contract platform for creating custom blockchain networks and decentralized applications especially for those focused on Decentralized finance, Non fungible tokens, web 3.0 and metaverse.

Cheetah is a blockchain platform with smart contracts that focuses on faster transaction speed, cheapest costs, and environmental friendliness. Cheetah's ultimate goal is to create a highly scalable blockchain that doesn't compromise decentralization or security.

The Cheetah crypto platform, is one of several initiatives vying to dethrone Ethereum as the most frequently used smart contract platform in the blockchain ecosystem. With a transaction throughput of 110,000+ transactions per second, Cheetah promises to be more scalable than Ethereum. Cheetah's native CTH token, which has a restricted supply of 220 million, is used to pay network transaction fees as well as part of the Cheetah consensus process. Cheetah is building its own decentralized finance (De-Fi) ecosystem to compete with Ethereum. Cheetah is also working on a bridge to the Ethereum network, which will allow users to transfer assets effortlessly between the two networks.


Pre-sales: Jan 31, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022
Token supply: 220,000,000 CTH
Total tokens for sale: 33,000,000 CTH


Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: CTH
Token distribution:
Staking Rewards - 55%
Public Presale - 15%
Foundation - 10%
Community/Dex Endowment - 7%
Testnet Incentive Program - 1%
Strategic Partners - 5%
Team - 7%

Cheetah Protocol Roadmap

Q1 2022

Product ideation:

  • Materials
  • features
  • purposes
  • alternatives

Competitor research
Marketing and promotion
Team formation
Token economics
Public litepaper version 1
Public presale

Q2 2022

Presale closed
Protocol architecture begins
First github published
Team expansion
Public whitepaper version 2 released
Second github published

Q3 2022

Concept production and testing:

  • Cheetah Test-net launch
  • Chain ABCD
  • implementation

Cheetah-Ethereum bridge
Cheetah wallet for desktop

Q4 2022

Product testing continued:

  • Reiterate
  • optimize
  • finalize for main-net
  • Secured nodes and validators test.

End of 04:

  • Ready for main-net launch and listing on exchanges.

Project team

Cheetah Founder and Lead Developer/Programmer
Cross Blockchain Developer
Cross Blockchain Developer
Security Protocol and software engineer/programmer
Full stack developer/programmer

Social media

Cheetah Protocol web-site

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4 Responses

  • Investor February 20, 2022 at 8:51 pm

    After presale finished, project disappeared from everywhere – Twitter, Telegram, Medium and their own site. So it was SCAM! Since when such a things started to be on Cryptototem?

    • Aamir Mustafa February 20, 2022 at 10:11 pm

      What do you mean by disappeared
      I had invested in this protocol

    • Alex [CryptoTotem Admin] February 21, 2022 at 10:57 am


      We care about users of our website and try to evaluate crypto projects objectively.

      Earlier rating of this project was LOW. Now we changed the rating and added SCAM mark.

      Thanks so much for your feedback!

  • Eugene February 24, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    So is cheetah protocol a scam or not because we invested in it

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