Feb 13, 2024 – Sep 30, 2024
Token sale: Oct 01, 2024 – Oct 30, 2024

Check out CINEMADROM (MVH. The “CINEMADROM” metaverse is the first company to create a complex ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology for the new World Cinema 3.0 and VR Hollywood based on AI Movie.

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Project industryMedia
Product typeMetaverse


What is the "CINEMADROM" metaverse project?

The "CINEMADROM" metaverse is decentralized Web3 platform for VR/AR production movie, viewing movies, investing in production movie and media content based on AI Movie, NFT Movie, DeFi Movie for the new World Cinema 3.0 and VR "Hollywood" based on "MOVIELAND" DAO, to usable on the Internet.

For these purposes, "CINEMADROM" metaverse creates "MOVIELAND" DAO where you can create any VR business based on the AI Movie algorithm. Which will allow all users, viewers and filmmakers to earn. Create or show movies, shop or have fun, live, walk in Metaverse and earn MOVIECASH token & LUMIERE stable decentralized coin.

MOVIECASH is the main live native utility token ERC-20 on the Ethereum network, which is used for:

  • For make transactions in “Cinemadrom” metaverse, and the MVH token is also needed to launch various services in the “MovieLand” DAO and finance a film projects.
  • For payments of commissions for processing transactions and Media & Movie data storage. For to create a stable decentralized coin LUMIERE on the Ethereum blockchain, supported by assets (NFT Movie, MVH, BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDT). LUM is required for transactions and financial transactions in MovieLand DAO.
  • For Investing in NFT Movie Tokens or NFT Land in "MOVIELAND" DAO and grow your Web3 business in New Hollywood.
  • Used to vote on the governance of "MOVIELAND" DAO, AI Movie and DeFi Movie to determine how network, financial and movie resources are allocated.

"CINEMADROM" metaverse tools include:

  • AI MOVIE, independently does all the work to create a VR business, films or media content and also receive profit from distribution content и продуктов VR business. If necessary, a user make changes at each stage of the production and work of AI Movie.
  • NFT MOVIE, posted on the NFT Movie Marketplace is an investment in Cinema Projects. By owning NFT Movie tokens, the user gets access to the CINEMADROM and MOVIELAND DAO metaverse services, which allow them to earn income.
  • The DEFI MOVIE protocol allows users, businessmen, or film project producers to receive crypto assets for film production or VR business development in the “MovieLand” DAO, secured by the assets contributed to the protocol (NFT Movie, MVH, BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDT).


Pre-sales: Feb 13, 2024 - Sep 30, 2024
Public sales: Oct 01, 2024 - Oct 30, 2024
Pre-sale token supply: 1,000,000 MVH
Token supply: 100,000,000 MVH
Total tokens for sale: 4,000,000 MVH
Soft cap: 300,000 USD
Hard cap: 1,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA
Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2018
Office address: 85 Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom, W1W 7LT

Token info

Ticker: MVH
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 MVH = 0.1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USDT, MATIC
Token distribution:
Private Sale - 15%
Public Sale - 21%
Marketing & Operations - 10%
Liquidity & Exchange - 5%
Ecosystem & Development - 14%
Reserve for Projects - 12%
Team - 15%
Staking - 5%
Airdrop - 3%


October - 2017 | Project start the CINEMADROM
  • Idea, concept development
  • Project implementation plan
March- 2018 | Implementation plan the CINEMADROM
  • Market research
  • Development of WP
  • Development of the MOVIECASH token
  • Development of the project CINEMADROM
May - December 2019 | Start the Project Financing
  • Start Privat Sale
  • Signing of contracts with partners
  • Start a marketing company
  • The placement of the first movie projects of the CINEMADROM platform
  • Launch pre - production of the projects of Film Studio CINEMADROM
February 2020 | Listing the MOVIECASH
  • Conclusion of contracts with various crypto exchanges for the purpose of MOVIECASH listing
  • Launch of a affiliate program to promote the CINEMADROM platform
  • Active development of pre-production of the first film projects of users
  • Attraction of the first producers, partners and investors in film projects
October - 2021 | Creation of "CINEMADROM" metaverse
  • Development of the "CINEMADROM" metaverse ecosystem
  • Development of the concept and Development of VR space “CINEMADROM”
  • Development of the concept of a decentralized coin LUMIERE
  • Development of the concept of a decentralized system for the development of the film industry
  • Development of the concept financing of film projects hosted in the "CINEMADROM" metaverse.
August - 2022 | Development of the "CINEMADROM" metaverse Ecosystem
  • Development of the concept NFT Movie in VR space “CINEMADROM”
  • Development of the concept DeFi Movie in VR space “CINEMADROM”
  • Development of the concept of financing film projects using the NFT Movie + DeFi Movie bundle in "CINEMADROM" metaverse
February - 2023 | Start of development of “MovieLand” DAO
  • Beginning of AI Movie algorithm development
  • Raising funds to create “MovieLand” DAO
  • Creation in “MovieLand” NFT Land certificates for land and NFT Movie certificates for film projects
  • Launching selection programs and invitations for a Cinema companies and a Crypto projects to open offices in DAO “MovieLand” and create in VR a new Web3 Hollywood.
January - 2024 | The Create and Launching in DAO “MovieLand” a new Web3 Hollywood
  • Distribution of certificates for opening offices in DAO “MovieLand” to all large and small Cinema companies NFT Land
  • Construction of the main decentralized objects DAO “MovieLand”
  • Launch of a DeFi Movie and NFT Movie platforms in “MovieLand”
  • Launch smart contracts to generate user income in MOVIECASH & LUMIERE coin staking and mining
October- 2024 | Launching a user business in DAO “MovieLand”
  • Building and Launching a user business in DAO “MovieLand”
  • Exchange of MovieCash for LUMIERE and Listing of LUMIERE on crypto exchanges
  • Mass placement, financing and production of film projects by Film Companies by users of DAO “MovieLand”
  • Distribution of a movies through Distribution Companies and User Cinemas in the VR space of DAO “MovieLand”
  • Distribution of profits from the rental of the first movies and the permanent receipt of income by users in the DAO “MovieLand” ecosystem.

Project team

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson linkedin
Adam Barlow
Adam Barlow
Pablo Gabano
Pablo Gabano
Pablo Gabano linkedin
Igor Egoroff
Igor Egoroff
Gabriel Mitchell
Gabriel Mitchell
Gary Rogers
Gary Rogers
Lily Jones
Lily Jones
Community Manager
Jack Brown
Jack Brown
Mia Johnson
Mia Johnson
Sound Director
Oscar Hill
Oscar Hill
Ella Robinson
Ella Robinson
Casting Director
Amelia King
Amelia King
Movie Editing
Stanley Walker
Stanley Walker
Software Developer
Scarlett Rivera
Scarlett Rivera
Assistant Director
Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright
Smart Developer
James Adams
James Adams
Blockchain Developer

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